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This has the best matcha scent I’ve smelled so far (in slime.) The clay scoop was a cute idea, however I found that I enjoyed the texture more before I mixed the clay scoop in. The slime is still soft and buttery after the clay has been mixed in, but the texture was softer before! Thats just my personal preference though. I still give this slime 5 stars!

This was a cute idea that was well executed! It inflated a ton and turned into a poofy, chubby texture that I’m absolutely in love with. It’s currently my favorite slime to sit and play with on the couch lol. It smells great too. Definitely recommend!

It was ok

the slime is good but only stays glossy until you play with it and then becomes really cloudy plus it inflates so it’s hard to get it in the container and it takes a week for it to go back to being glossy


This feels so good and didn't come sticky

Best slime ever!

So fun to play with and it smells divine!

Amazing Slime!!

I bought my daughter the Choc Chip Cookie Dough and the Smores. She is hooked on them! Plays with them all the time. Beyond better than any other slime she's ever had. The scents are amazing too! I just ordered two more for her Birthday this month, which are a surprise, and I know she'll love them just as much as the first ones! These are the best slimes we've ever had!!

i love slime

i liked the way it smelled and it was good quality made me think about my 4th grade years.

I'm hooked!

This is the first slime I've bought from Gleyna, and I will be buying more! I got this slime today and haven't put it down since I got it, my mom and I even enjoyed it haha
Absolutely floored with how quickly I received my order and I cannot wait for the next drop and to get some new slimes! Couldn't be happier :)


Slime was thick, glossy, soft, came early, it was just amazing!

Nutella vs. Slime

Nutella: 2/3 Slime: 3/3
Taste: Good Taste: N/A
Smell: Good Smell: Good
Feel: Sticky Feel: AMAZING!!
THIS SLIME ROCKS! Was delivered on the day it was supposed to, was so satisfying, and was filled to the top! 100% recommend!

Vday Teddy Bear

Cute with the teddy bears and smells good

Very fun

I enjoyed the blue razz! The sound and texture are super, very pretty too.

Great for relieving stress!

I usually only buy slime for my grandie, but this one is for me!! Very impressed with the way this slime handles. It is smooth, easy to play with and not sticky. I just love the smell!! I highly recommend.

Best slime shop ever!!!

So thick and glossy and smells amazing! I love you and your slime!

Sent Problem

i love the slime, its really fun to play with and it has a nice feel to it, but the problem is the smell of the slime. this slime smells a lot like coffee (and if your a coffee person then this wont bug). i think its a little too strong and it needs to be tuned down a bit. other than that, i like the slime and i give it a 4/5.

Pretty good

Love this slime! It smells good but it was a little tough, thank you!

Nutella Gloss

Lil Fish Tank

This slime is so clear! The texture is awesome! It doesn’t have a scent which is understandable because I wouldn’t want a slime that smells like fish, but overall I do highly recommend buying this slime!

Awesome slime!

This slime is super thick and super crunchy. It is so fun to play with! They scent is just like coco puffs! I highly recommend buying this slime!

Love it!

This was my first slime from this website, and I was pleasantly surprised! It smells JUST like fruit loops, and the texture was addicting. On the little card, it says that in order for slime to last long, you shouldn't inflate it very often. I didn't think I was inflating it- maybe I was, but over a few weeks it has shrunken and gotten less stretchy. Still my favorite slime!

Reeses Pieces Crunch
I recommend!

The crunchy, firm texture is soothing and relaxing. Smells like chocolate!

Acai Bowl
Love it!

Such a great quality slime, love the icee texture. Perfect mixture of soft and stretchy. Smells exactly like fruit snacks!

Cloud 9
Great quality!

Soft, semi-thick and inflatable, smells like vanilla frosting! The only downside is when it inflates it's hard to close the container, but I highly recommend!

Pink Lemonade
Awesome slime

The pink lemonade smell is a bit overwhelming at first but now I really love it, the slime really lasts and doesn’t dry out. I love the extra little gifts included❤️

So good..

This is a great slime for TV play and just about anywhere. If you like really thicc slimes, this is for you. I personally love this one. The strawberry powder adds a nice touch of texture. I’ve purchased 3 of these so far. And I regret nothing!