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Strawberry Shortcake Bar
Xiomara Salgado (United States)
I want to eat it

I gave this as a gift to my sister so I haven't played with it yet but it smells amazing!!! Like if I could eat anything inedible it would be this.

Guest Customer (New Zealand)
Good slime

When my slime came it was kinda melted so I added some activtor and it was amazing

Cow Over The Moon
Customer (United States)
Reaaally gooood !!!! 1,000 recommend

(13 year old) I really like the slime. I love it ! It’s so soft and smells really good. 🥰 it’s a must buy ! My mom liked it as well ! Your slime is the best

You’re My Crush
V.L. (United States)
Love this slime

It arrived a little sticky easy fix texture is great charms are so cute because of allergies I cant smell it so I cant say much about the sent

Straw-Boba Cow
E.F. (United States)
First slime! definitely ordering more

this is my first slime from CornWithSlime and in general from a small business, i have to say this is amazing! the scent is just like described and its soft and drizzly! i would definitely recommend this as a first beginner slime, buying more from cornwithslime in the future!

Unicorn Hot Cocoa
Lori Angel (United States)
Unicorn Hot Cocoa Slime is GREAT!!

I loved the texture and the smell was great! Excellent slime!!

Cloud 9
Elizabeth Monfils (United States)
Cloud 9 review

This was a quite pleasent slime. The smell was lovely (just like blue snuggle fabric softner) and the texture was soft with a small bit of dryer lint feeling. Bravo, CwS!

Mystery 8oz Slime
Michael Lyle (United States)
Mystery slime

It is a great slime i got the gingerbread cookie dough slime, it had a great texture and i really liked it i will definitley recommend this company to my friends and family

Fruity Pebbles Pancakes
Marie Lohr (United States)
Super happy with this slime!

This slime has the best texture and scent and arrived super fast! Such great quality and packaged with care! Thank you Cornwithslime for being awesome!!!

Stitch’s Bubble Tea
Anais Castellanos (United States)
Stitch’s bubble tea

The slime smelled so good and the texture is amazing. Highly recommend 🤌🏼


My daughter loves it. It’s really pretty and there were lots of add-ins which we appreciate! Thank you corn with slime.

Cookies & Cream Crunch
K Hiapo (United States)
Amazing everything!!

I am so impressed! This is my first non-smooth slime! Smells like the candy bar! Also feels great!

Cow Over The Moon
Ansley FROST (United States)
so much fun

great texture, love it

Magic Pen - Slime Activator
kaylee munson (United States)

It's a lot easier

Choc Chip Cookie Dough
Cindy (United States)
A great gift for my sis

I love the smell and so does she, especially the type the slime it is, cloudy slime is the best, it causes no mess at all, I hope they more cloud slime like this in the future

Strawberry Nesquik
Ramon T. (United States)
Awesome slime!!!

Much more than what I'm used to paying. But way better than the stuff from Walmart or Amazon. I'm even taking time to write the review!

Sushi Date
Ashley Johnson (United States)
Sushi Date

I love the bead texture, It smells soooooo GOOD, and the charms are so cute!

Unicorn Hot Cocoa
Myra (South Korea)
Unicorn Hot Cocoa

Loved this slime. Very fluffy and soft.

Ice Cream Melody
Diana (United States)

I bought the ice cream melody for my niece and she loves it. She was extremely happy that it wasn't sticky so she wouldn't get in trouble if she accidentally got it on the carpet.😄

Fortune Cookie
Andie Wong (United States)

Fortune Cookie

Kuromi’s Crush
Vivid (United States)
Too sticky and impossible to get off

My little sister bought this slime and it is extremely sticky and impossible to get off skin and fabrics. I haven't tried the borax yet, but I will and I will change my review if it works.

Cloud 9
Customer (United States)
Best slime ever

I got this slime for my sister and she loves it. I used it once and the drizzle was amazing. The sent was very relaxing. 1000/10

Mint Chip Ice Cream
NM (United States)

I loved it for christmas!

Anxiety Ease - Aromatherapy
Bianca (United States)
I will buy again

It’s so soft and the smell is amazing. I bought it to have at work and it’s already helping with my anxiety. I use it when I’m feeling stressed and want to distract my mind, really recommend it.

Moo Milk Cream
Savannah Fendall (United States)

It was great and smells husk like cookies and cream