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Monthly Slime Box - July
Katina Grasman (United States)
ALOHA!!! 🏝 πŸ₯₯ 🌴 🍹 🌺 πŸŒ‹

This summer slime box is the BEST THING next to going on vacation to a tropical island. 🏝 These slimes smell absolutely AMAZING!!! πŸ’― Brings me back to the smooth black sands of Maui.

🌺 Flower Lei - The colors are bright and vibrant, like the tropical island flowers. 🌺 The texture is a icee style slime, which is soooo soft and squishy!!! Very satisfying!!!

πŸŒ‹ Lava Luau - This clear sand slime is My Absolute Favorite Slime of all time. Love the clear red and black sand combo. πŸŒ‹ It's a Valcanic Explosion of Tropical Island Perfection!!! ❀️ The scent brings me back to the tropical fruits of the islands. 🍍 πŸ₯₯

πŸ₯₯ Coconut Drink - Smells like fresh cold coconut milk right out of the coconut!!! πŸ₯₯ Absolutely love this new perlite x thickie slime. The texture is like if you sprinkled dried shredded coconut flakes on top of thick, smooth and shiny slime.

This is the BEST slime variety slime box Corn With Slime has come out with thus far. (In my opinion) 😊🫢🏻

Overall, I would give this Slime Box a 5 Star Rating, and it comes Highly Recommended!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This slime box WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!!! πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’—πŸŒ΄πŸ₯₯πŸŒΊπŸŒ‹

When I saw this months slime box, I fell in love! Lava Luau is a gorgeous red-orange slime with black sand and fire fimos. This slime makes amazing bubble pops and smells like Tropical Fruit. Flower Lei is a beautiful pink purple and white icee slime with flower fimos that is scented Tropical Flowers. The color scheme is gorgeous! And last, but definitely not least, is Coconut Drink. This is a thick and glossy perlite slime scented Coconut and is ASMR heaven! These three slimes were well worth the money and it came with a Coconut drink cup and a flower lei. Can't wait to see what other box themes are in the future!

I loved this so much the cotton candy ice cream was super nice but the smell wasent very good but I loved all of them !

Diane Craddock (United States)
Love these!

I love these slimes! Orange Creamsicle is my favorite. Thank you so much!

I've bought everyone's slime ontik tok. This was my favorite.

Dragonfruit Slushee
Noah Pettigrew (United States)
The slimebwas great

The slime was great

Angie Yip (United States)
In love with it

This slime is amazing! Great texture and smell exactly like chocolate.

Advanced Slimes Bundle
Rivers Senft (United States)

So far my favorite brand I’ve bought from!

Dragonfruit Slushee
Lisa D'Amore (United States)
Dragon fruit slushee

Great Product. Smells awesome. The charms it came with are so cute!

Unicorn Soda

Great slimes and quick delivery!

Wellness Pack
Evelyn (United States)

I enjoyed the variety and the scents were amazing-probably my favorite thing about them. The slimes themselves were a bit runny and sticky- i had to add the borax mixture to even be able to handle them but then they were good. I wish the add ins were placed on top for me to mix in myself

Watermelon Dough

Great slime, smells amazing and is super user and or kid friendly texture

Fruity Crumbs Pancakes
Haley (United States)

This is our first thick and glossy and makes amazing pops. Smells great and easy to play with. Comes with a little container that the clay comes in and you will need it for overflow.

Mystery 8oz Slime
Haley (United States)
Loved all 4!

We got 4 different slimes with various textures🩷 definitely getting more slimes in the future! Love the surprise aspect.

Acai Boba
Haley (United States)

We got 8 slimes. And have a collection of like 30 or more. And this has to be the best icy slime we have ever got.! It’s very dense and easy to stretch. Very fun to play with my nine-year-old loves it and the smell is amazing.

E.S. (United States)

I love this one so much! It smells just like sunscreen.(I do wish the smell was a little stronger) A simple thick slime is my favorite. This is perfect!

Orange Creamsicle
Billy Walker (United States)
Nostalgic, unique and addictive!!

Because of a heatwave going on where I live, I was afraid it would be very melted and hard to play with. Fortunately, it barely took any activator at all and was right back to normal in under two minutes! The texture is sooo addictive, and the scent is to die for!! It reminds me more of those Pilsbury orange frosting cinnamon rolls you get in the tubes, rather than a creamsicle, though. Either way, I looove iiit!!

Orange Creamsicle
T.M. (United States)
Love this one!

This smell is so spot on with creamsicle!!! It is the perfect texture and I have really grown to love the floam slimes! Would definitely recommend this slime to anyone!!!

Unicorn Soda
T.M. (United States)
Great slime!!

When I first got this slime it was suuuuper sticky but once I used some spray it became the absolute perfect texture! I love the smell and I love the consistency so much!! Would definitely recommend and would absolutely buy it again!

Watermelon Dough

A great slime for beginners and kids.

Dragonfruit Slushee
Amanda Lynn (United States)

I've ordered a few slimes now from your shop and this one is definitely my favorite! Alongside Fruity Crumbs Pancakes of course (ordered 2x!) The texture is super stretchy and so soft and **drum roll pleeeeease** THERES NO BEAD FALLOUT!!!! I'm always hesitant to purchase a slime that has small beads, or any kind of bead because of the annoying fall out. Idk how you guys did it, but there's 0 fallout and I even activated it a bit more to get those extra stretchy and crispy bubble pops. The scent is light and perfect, super juicy smelling! Overall, I love it and it's totally my go-to right now because it's just THAT good ❀️

Unicorn Soda
Jovie Shripka (United States)

Smelled like sprite which I loved! The texture is amazing. Hope you make more!

Dragonfruit Slushee
J.S. (United States)
Amazing slime!

This is an amazing slime! The texture is perfect and I love the smell! I wonder how good it would be for multiple fruit and other themes for this texture

Wellness Pack
Customer (United Kingdom)
Corn with slime slime is amazing guys!hope you are a subscriber like me!

I love slime!

Dragonfruit Slushee
Tanya Gonzalez (United States)
My favorite!

The smell is divine! The texture is sooo satisfying. By far one of my favorites.