Mystery Duo

Mystery Duo

  • 12.99

Feeling indecisive or do you just like pleasant surprises? Well then, the mystery duos are for you! You’ll never be disappointed with the slimes you receive, all of the unique textures and scents in the mystery duos are always fun to try out and sometimes a step out of your slime comfort zone!

♡2 3oz randomly selected slimes

♡all slimes are scented

♡if you purchase more than 2 mystery duos, there’s a possibility you can get repeated slimes

♡slimes can be limited edition slimes sold before or current best sellers

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
Sam (United States)

This was a really great way to experiment with new slime styles!

Veronica (United States)
fun way to try a new slime!

I received Tropical Smoothie and Anxiety Ease. Both had very nice and very different textures. I'm new to slime so I enjoyed having different things to try out!

The only downside is that they dried out super quickly, I think because of the small size. I was able to partially restore them by adding some water and then more activator, though! Still, next time I'll be sticking with full size slimes so they last longer

Alicia Angst (United States)

I love the mystery duo. I'm new to slime so it gave me two types to learn about without having to buy full sized. These small ones are also the perfect size for stressed out moments.

Maya Hernandez (United States)
Mystery Duo

I loved the mystery duo! It’s a perfect travel size container to keep in my backpack.

Kerryclare Gleason (United States)

Mystery Duo