Mystery Duo

Mystery Duo

  • 11.99

Feeling indecisive or do you just like pleasant surprises in the hunt for affordable slime? Well then, the mystery slime box duos are for you! You’ll never be disappointed with the contents of your slime mystery box that you receive. Your slime mystery gift comes with all of the unique textures and scents wrapped in the mystery slime duos.  They're always fun to try out, and sometimes even take you a step out of your slime comfort zone!

♡2 3oz randomly selected slimes

♡all slimes are scented

♡if you purchase more than 2 mystery duos, there’s a possibility you can get repeated slimes

♡slimes can be limited edition slimes sold before or current best sellers


Cornwithslime wristband, mochi squishy, or jumbo sized candy

(Gifts can vary from any of the above)

A slime care kit with borax and slime care instructions is included in all orders.

Note: Slimes do not arrive overfilled as shown as we enhance them for photos for showcase purposes. Actual product colors may differ due to screen display configurations and lighting. All slimes sold contain diluted borax. Slimes are reactive to surrounding environment and temperatures which may cause stickiness or stiffness - upon delivery, please follow instructions on the Slime Care card very carefully to ensure optimal product quality. Please note that the seller is not responsible for any product damage caused by buyer's misuse.

Please read our FAQ carefully before completing your purchase. By purchasing this product, the buyer agrees to the store's policy and confirms that they have read, understand, and agree to the terms, conditions, and policies of the store.

Customer Reviews

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Tiffany Brett (United States)
First time slime owner/buyer EVER

So I was a first time buyer when I made this purchase. And I know despite the warning for duplicates. All 6 mysteries were different!. And it was a perfect way to feel and test what kind of slime texture I liked. Or didn't like. I will say I am like a beginner beginner. I have. A zero track record with slimes. And I found your info card very easy to follow!.. All 6 were pretty great. However the spa towel one was not cooperating with any of the tips on the card. BUT. That could have been my error as that one has a weird texture anyway. Because dreamy night. Was about the same texture. But with a little borax came out amazing. . Also came with I think pink drink? (Has tiny foam balls). Loveee that one. Lavender fluff. -texture not my fave but smells amazing 😍. There's one that had a buncha beads and things in it it's like a purple color. I forgot the name unfortunately. :(! But it's a pretty stiff one. But I find that one to be less sticky to little kid hands. And it's my favorite smell of all of them. ..... Then my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. Is bubbles!!. It's creamy. And the foam balls are awesome. And THIS SLIME. Is what made me go and buy 8oz ones . I just bought kitty loops, a mystery 8oz. That was called. Something bath. It had a buncha beads and came with a ducky!. . And led me to my now favorite out of all of your slimes. Strawberry milk. And I haven't put in any of the charm's because I just love the silky feel !! It smells good. It feels good. And it's way bigger then the 2 oz. And I couldn't have been happier!!!. Thank you guys Soo much for introducing me to the slime world. I will be buying more 🥹

Rachel Gazave (United States)

Perfect for people who are indecisive

R.G. (United States)

I didint have much money and I was also indecisive on what slime I wanted so I choose to get the two mystery slimes. I got Easter basket and Galentines and they are both amazing quality and I love the way they smell.

Paul Dee (United States)
Well, the title says it all. Glad I got two different types of slimes aswell

Honest description, and i got 2 different slimes, not too small, fun to play with, I have no complaints!


Loved both of them. One was slightly under activated but I fixed it up and it's perfect now