Mystery Duo

Mystery Duo

  • 9.79

Feeling indecisive or do you just like pleasant surprises? Well then, the mystery duos are for you! You’ll never be disappointed with the slimes you receive, all of the unique textures and scents in the mystery duos are always fun to try out and sometimes a step out of your slime comfort zone!

♡2 3oz randomly selected slimes

♡all slimes are scented

♡if you purchase more than 2 mystery duos, there’s a possibility you can get repeated slimes

♡slimes can be limited edition slimes sold before or current best sellers

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Elizabeth Slaymaker (United States)
I would order this again

In my mystery duo package I received a Nerds Floam and a Strawberry Acai Refresher, I really like both of them. The strawberry one smells like strawberry candies which I really like, and the nerds one smells just like fruit punch. I prefer the nerd floam one because of the fun texture and bubbles pops, but both are good slimes. I would order the mystery duo again

Alana (Brazil)

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Michelle Larsen (United States)

I wanted to try out some slime since I’ve never shopped here before, and this is a great idea! I got both Nutella Gloss, and the new Funfetti Cookie Dough and both are great quality! The only think I would say is the scent is pretty strong, but definitely not too much :)

Keira Neven (United States)
Very fun

I got baby poof and vampire Nutella and I thought they were both amazing slimes! This is such an amazing idea

Alyssa Rayner (United States)

I was amazed by the quality of the slimes. I got a lot of the popular ones and am so happy with every single one of them

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