Slime offers therapeutic mental health benefits for kids and adults. It helps relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, adhd and so much more

Slime Is Good For Your Mental Health

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1505 reviews
Buttery Biscuit
Byron Rea (United States)

Amazing! Just the best savory scent. So stretchy and creamy and inflating!

Candy Corn Pancakes
Customer (United States)

This was a great slime I do recommend it looks just like the pic and it spreads like butter

Ghost Coke
Sherry R. (United States)
I Need 32 Oz of this Slime

[Insert gimme gimme gimme hamster gif] It's soft and airy to play with, and it smells JUST like the Happy Cola gummies from Haribo that I ate ALL the time growing up, along with those peach and apple ring gummies. The nostalgia man. CWS has yet to sell me a slime that fails to inspire me and bring me happy memories and warm feelings. 15/10 Would buy three more of these.

Anxiety Ease - Aromatherapy
Sherry R. (United States)
Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Super glad I picked this one up! The Lavender is there but super in your face, and the vanilla doesn't over power the rest of the scents. It's super soft, stretchy, and soothing to play with in general. It doesn't feel like Any of my other slimes and in that manner stands out. I could sit on my couch and break this one out any time, day or night, rain or shine.

Ariel merrill (United States)

I would recommend this slime if you love clay slime, it felt exactly like how she describes and the color looks like the sky in the movie I love it so much and I would recommend this slime.