Slime offers therapeutic mental health benefits for kids and adults. It helps relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, adhd and so much more

Slime Is Good For Your Mental Health

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1035 reviews
SO CRUCHYY And good ❤️❤️💛💗💕

The slime is so crunchy and the smell is really good bc it's not to strong! And the stretch is real good!! Also the charm is so cute sometimes my little sis loves to play with it as a toy this is a real good slime!


Love the scent and texture of this slime! Highly recommend

Cute title

Smells delicious and slime texture is on point!

Best root beer slime so far.

You should really feel good about this creation. I’ve been looking for a good root beer slime for a year, now. I finally found your root beer slime with foam beads in it and it exceeded my expectations. I love the scent and it pops so easily.

Who doesn’t love the smell of babies?

I am a mom and this send brings back a flood of memories and feelings of holding my little one after a fresh bath and a tiny bit of baby powder. Absolutely love this. It is so soft. So, SO soft!