Slime offers therapeutic mental health benefits for kids and adults. It helps relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, adhd and so much more

Slime Is Good For Your Mental Health

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1390 reviews
Pink Lemonade
Skylar Walters (United States)
Great slime

All of their slimes are always amazing really good I like the smell but I would say I wish the strawberry came in a separate bag but overall it smell great and the great ice slime

Horchata Boba
Skylar Walters (United States)
Love this

Definitely one of the best slimes and all their slimes are amazing, I’ve bought other slimes that are super sticky especially in hot weather but this smells amazing great consistency and very satisfying

Buttery Biscuit
Leah Harvey (United States)
Was not prepared for how amazing this slime is!

So first of all, I’ve never ordered slime online before. This was my first time, and Buttery Biscuit was an extra slime that I had gotten. This slime smells AMAZING and the texture is perfect. All of the slimes I ordered were incredibly made and I highly recommend this one!

Bubblegum Icee
Anonymous (United States)
Ice ice baby

This slime is so good! It has a very fun texture.(this is my first ever icee slime I’ve ever played with) it was so fun! The bubble gum smell is on point! I really love this slime and would definitely recommend it! Also the color was 10/10 so pretty and so fun! Finally, the sprinkles were also a fun touch to add just so it wasn’t just one color and kinda boring!

Anxiety Ease - Aromatherapy
Anonymous (United States)
Well my anxiety is eased

I love the scent and it is an amazing texture. It really has helped me relax and well might I say literally helped ease my anxiety