Slime Offers Amazing Mental Health Benefits

Playing with slime helps improve your mental health's wellbeing and reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, adhd, plus so much more. Slime is not just a "kid's toy", it's something that can be used and enjoyed by anyone of any age. You can be 8 years old or you can be 80 years old and you can just as equally have fun with slime and benefit from it.

In today's Blog Post I'm going to list

5 Ways That Slime Is Good For Your Mental Health:

1.) It decreases symptoms of anxiety.

To put it into simple words, slime is basically a stress toy. Yes, like a stress ball. By squishing, poking and stretching your slime with your hands you are releasing any tension in your body. When you hold too much tension in your body, you can experience symptoms of stress and anxiety that are never pleasant. Our Anxiety Ease - Aromatherapy Slime is our first Aromatherapy slime that we ever made and has been a favorite for the calming effects it offers from the essential oils. We recommend trying it out if you ever find yourself anxious and want some quick relief with some amazing scented slime.


2.) It helps you focus

As everyone knows, kids have a difficult time concentrating on things for a long period of time. But give any child some slime and you'll be surprised at how long they can play with it for without getting distracted! Anyone who plays with slime gets immersed in the experience because they are engaging all their senses. It's almost similar to when you're watching a really good movie, but instead, with slime you are engaging your touch and smelling senses. A lot of teens and college students also find that slime helps them focus more when they are studying!

 3.) It's calming.

I think every adult's favorite thing about slime is how calming it can be. It is known to lower stress levels and put you in a better mood. After a long day of work and getting ready to wind down to go to sleep, slime is a fantastic addition to the routine to add some calmness to your night.

4.) It allows you to tap into your inner child.

As we grow up and become adults, we forget to play and have fun. By playing, we invite joy and vitality into our lives! You literally trigger and release endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals, by playing with slime! We all know that play is crucial in a child's self-development process, but it's also crucial for adults too to stay healthy. 

5.) It allows you to be present- in the moment. 

When you are playing with slime, you are using 4/5 of your senses. Touch, hearing, sight, and smell (not taste because slime is not edible as good as it may look). When you are using all of your senses at once like this you are practicing mindfulness, which grounds you and relieves any negative feelings you might experience throughout the day.


As someone who is an advocate for mental health awareness and also an owner of a slime business, I have a huge passion for creating products that can improve someone's wellbeing on the daily. I am always filled with joy and gratitude when someone tells me that our products have helped them through some rough times when their mental health was at a low. My mental health was at an ultimate low 4 years ago, and one of the biggest things that helped me find happiness & peace in my life was slime. So for that reason, I started my slime journey; to give others the same joy that slime gave to me. 

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