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Texture/ Slime Questions

Why doesn't my slime look like the product photo?

♡ Slimes do not arrive overfilled as shown as we enhance them for photos for showcase purposes. Slimes may exhibit discrepancies due to factors such as lighting & camera settings.

Sticky/ melted slime is NOT a reason to throw the slime away.  

♡ Slime may arrive sticky due to shipping or environmental conditions. Included in your package is a slime care kit with instructions on how to make activator using of Borax provided. 

♡ Slime can become stiff for multiple reasons such as cold weather or using too much activator. The best way to loosen stiff slime is to simply warm it with your hands or hold it near a heater for a minute while playing.

Cloud dough VS. Drizzly cloud slimes are completely different.

Drizzly cloud = drizzles only

Cloud dough = no purpose for drizzling

Please note: Slimes textures that leave snow/ fall out residue cloud dough, drizzly cloud, icee, snow fizz. 

Scent is subjective. Please note that you may or may not enjoy the scent of each slime.

Why doesn't my slime fit back into the original container? 

♡ Certain slime textures may expand due to air bubbles. Over time, air bubbles will rise, returning slime to original size. Low-cost extra containers are available. Store slime in an airtight container (Tupperware, sandwich bag) to prevent drying out. The only exception of slimes not fitting back will be DIY clay slimes. Please use the containers the clays came in for storage of excess slimes.  

If you have any additional questions regarding texture please email us at help@cornwithslime.com


 Shipping Questions

When will my order ship?

♡ Current processing time for us to ship your order is 1-3 business days after you purchase. This does not include weekends and major holidays.

When will I receive my order?

♡ U.S orders: Typically 3-5 business days after shipping date. 

♡ International, outside the U.S orders: Typically 4-8 weeks after shipping date, sometimes up to 12 weeks if there are delays.

Please note, delays may occur while your order is in transit. This is most often with International packages due to customs and safety checks.

Why is my tracking number not showing any updates?

 ♡ Please allow 24-48hrs for your tracking number to update. If there are no updates after 48hrs, please wait up to 14 days after the shipping date to receive your package. In some cases, our shipping carrier will not scan packages in transit for different reasons but it will still be on its way to you. 

If there is no updates after 14 days, please email us at help@cornwithslime.com and we will find a solution for you. 

What will i receive in my package?

♡ All orders come with a slime care kit that includes instructions on how to care for your slime, and borax to make your own activator.

What ingredients are used in the slimes?

♡ We make all our slimes using PVA glue, borax, food dye, and skin safe fragrance oils. We use instant snow for our cloud and icee slimes. We use polymer clay for our clay slimes and cloud dough slimes. If you have any allergy questions or concerns please contact us before purchasing.

Why does my slime container say 6oz and not 8oz?

♡ We fill our slimes to the brim of the container which measures 8oz in volume. Our slimes are measured by volume and not by weight. Different slime texture fluctuate in weight. To keep consistency we sell by the amount of volume in the container which is 8oz of slime. 

Is slime safe for my child to play with?

♡ Our slime is non-toxic and absolutely safe for children to play with.

Disclaimer: All children under the age of 12 years old should have adult supervision while playing with slime to prevent them from eating it, or getting it in places it shouldn't be in. Cornwithslime is not responsible for how children handle slimes with or without any adult supervision.

Do my slime add-ins come separately or inside the slime?

♡ This depends on the type of add-ins the slime has and if we decide to provide them separately in a bag or inside the slime. Most charms come separately in a small bag for you to add yourself. Sometimes we include some charms inside the slime so you will find the charm placed on top of your slime or it can sink to the bottom. 

How do I apply a discount code to my order?

♡ First, click "checkout" once you have your slimes added to your cart. then, click on "show order summary" and then you can add your code to the box that says "gift card or promo code". 

Why can't I add more than one discount code to my order?

♡ Our website only allows one discount code per order. You can not combine two codes together.

Refunds, returns, cancellations?

♡ We don’t process refunds, returns, or cancellations at request and after an order has shipped out since slime is a perishable product. There is a 20% fee for all refunds and cancellations before an order is shipped out.  

I put the wrong address or my address is incomplete missing a house/unit/apt/space/etc number, what do I do?

♡ If you put the wrong address for your order, please reach out to us immediately via email at help@cornwithslime.com and our customer support team will update your address if it hasn't been shipped yet. If your order has already been shipped with the wrong address, you can re-forward your package to your correct address using this USPS link or contact your local USPS.

Most of the time, if you put an incomplete address for your order, it will get returned back to our warehouse. We can re-ship your package with a new shipping label with a shipping fee. 

We are not responsible for delivered/returned packages with an incorrect or incomplete address.

What happens if my package gets lost or stolen in transit?

♡ If you think your package is lost or stolen please contact your local USPS or the shipping carrier directly. If you would like to file a claim for your lost or stolen package, you can do so here: file a claim 
If you need any further help, please email us at help@cornwithslime.com and we will find a solution for you.

I have not received my package yet, what do I do?

♡ For U.S orders, if it has been over 10 business days since your package shipped, contact your local USPS for more information on where your package is.

♡ For International orders, if it has been over 12 weeks since your package shipped. Contact your local post office for more information on where your package is.

My slimes arrived damaged, what do I do?

♡ Email us as soon as the package arrives, along with a description and photo of the damaged items at help@cornwithslime.com , we will find provide you with either a replacement (if the item is still available) or store credit. 

Claims for damaged or missing items must be reported immediately or within five days of when your order was delivered. The time frame is made to ensure the solid proof is shown.

I am missing items in my package, what do I do?

♡ Email us as soon as the package arrives, along with a description of what items were missing. We will find provide you with either a replacement (if the item is still available) or store credit. Missing items must be reported within 5 days of the delivery date for us to provide a solution for you.

International duties and import taxes:

♡ Please note, if you are an international customer outside of the US, duties and import taxes fees may apply during delivery. 

Customers are 100% responsible for any additional fees imposed by their respective countries during or after shipping (customs, duties, taxes, etc.). Please be sure to check with your local post office to find out the fees before placing an order.

Have any more questions that you didn't find an answer to?

Contact us via email at help@cornwithslime.com and our customer support team will get back to you within 1-2 days.