• 22.99

This DIY Clay Slime Set includes:

♡ 8oz clear thick & glossy slime scented like vanilla honey

♡ Honeycomb DIY clay

♡ Bee charm + wood honey dipper

♡ Extra 6oz container

Level: Advanced


Here's some great news for honeycomb slime lovers: Learn how to make honeycomb slime with an amazing slime product. Our Honeycomb DIY clay slime set includes everything listed for you to assemble your own raw honeycomb slime like shown in the photo! It is also so much fun to mix together the white slime honeycomb with your honey dipper. Once you mix the honey slime  the mixing results in a clay slime honeycomb that is fluffy and also makes great bubble pops. This DIY clay slime is scented like vanilla honey! Disclaimer: Bee slime does not come off wood honey dipper.

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Carranza (United States)


Verity (United States)

This is such a cute slime! But, it does get stiff and sticky on the outside. Super fun to mix in and me and my friend ordered a bunch of their slimes and had fun with them for hours! These make great gifts!

Fanola McGarrity (United States)

The smells colors and textures were perfect.
Everything was super cute and just what I was looking for! Thank you

Alexandra Moore (United States)

It smells and amazing and is so soft!

Sue Frisch (United States)
Love, Love, LOVE this slime.

This slime is awesome. I have purchased quite a few different slimes but this one is everything I hoped it would be and more. You have a very Happy Grandmother and Grandaughter with this slime.
All of our orders , we have got exactly what we wanted. (and thanks for including a borax pkg. If needed) Delivery was really quick and I not only Rate this particular slime 5***** but I rate Cornwithslime Company 5*****