• 20.99

This DIY Clay Slime Set includes:

♡ 8oz clear thick & glossy slime scented like vanilla honey

♡ Honeycomb DIY clay

♡ Bee charm + wood honey dipper

♡ Extra 6oz container

Level: Advanced


Our Honeycomb DIY clay slime set includes everything listed for you to assemble your own honeycomb slime like shown in the photo! It is so fun to mix together also with your honey dipper. The mixed result will turn into a clay slime that is fluffy and also makes great bubble pops. Scented like vanilla honey! Disclaimer: slime does not come off wood honey dipper.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Bridget McGraw (United States)
Smells fantastic

Everything about this is so satisfying

Elle (United States)
Love the scent

I love this; so much fun! Perfect texture and nice, light scent!

Ashton Litten (United States)
Super satisfying

I loved the smell of this product, it was so fun to play with and I love the added honeycomb and the little honeycomb stick. The only problem I had was once I added the honeycomb topping with the slime it no longer all fit into the container so I put some into another container. But it worked out fine and I love playing with it. Definitely going to buy more slimes from this seller.

Kailani Berdiel (United States)

IT SMELLS SOOOOO GOOD aaaaaand the bumble bee is so cute and I love playing with the slime goodness

K.K. (United States)
This slime is AMAZING!

when I first got the slime there was a separate container that you can add to the original slime. It had a little clay honeycomb figure! the only problem I had overall was the that when I added the clay figure into the slime it didn't fit in the container but I figured it out ;) but this slime smells sooooo good like vanilla and the texture is just right! I totally recommend this slime!! I am glad I got it before it sold out :D