• 17.49

This DIY Clay Slime Set includes:

♡ 8oz clear thick & glossy slime scented like vanilla honey

♡ Honeycomb DIY clay

♡ Wood honey dipper

♡ Extra 6oz container


Our Honeycomb DIY clay slime set includes everything listed for you to assemble your own honeycomb slime like shown in the photo! It is so fun to mix together also with your honey dipper. The mixed result will turn into a clay slime that is fluffy and also makes great bubble pops. Scented like vanilla honey!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lauren Lapping (United States)
Honeycomb magic

Love this slime! It is so fun to play with and smells really good

oracle (United States)
Best diy slime

I really enjoyed the whole “DIY” aspect of this slime. Aside from the slime, you get a 6oz container with the clay honeycomb, a honey dipper, and a bee charm. You get to assemble everything on your own which is fun.

Emma Stewart (United States)
So cute

I saw a video of this slime on their TikTok account and I immediately knew i had to get it! I love bees and the smell of honey and this slime did not disappoint. Get this slime if you can!

Immie Witton (United Kingdom)
It’s okay/good

The only problem is it’s very sticky and hard to play with because of that. The powder it came with should be labelled, because it came with a lolly I thought it was a dip dab and put it in the borax thinking it was sugar! I know this was partly my mistake but I felt it should of been more clear what it was, and the slime less sticky

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