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1464 reviews
Strawberry Milkshake
faith Garcia (United States)
So good!

Okay firstly, the packaging is adorable! I love the DIY aspect, it's very fun and satisfying. It smells delicious, almost like sweet strawberries or a strawberry syrup. It does get a bit tacky after inflated but can easily be fixed with the included borax! Totally recommend this if you love strawberry or diy slimes.

Simpson’s Donut
faith Garcia (United States)

This slime is so worth it. The scent is very sweet and nice smelling like a glazed/strawberry donut. It's very fun to assemble and satisfying! It inflates so much and its so fluffy and a bit tacky afterwards which I don't really mind. Overall a great slime! Totally recommend.

Cinnamon Roll
faith Garcia (United States)

This slime is wonderful! Came packaged well, and nothing leaked whatsoever! (Very nice and sturdy containers by the way) The clay was extra soft and was so satisfying to put in the thick glossy base. It became a light brown slay slime, the scent smells very good. In my opinion it smells like cinnamon toast crunch! The scent isn't too strong which I love.

Banana Nut Bread
Denisse Velasquez (United States)
So much fun :)

Was excited for this one since I love banana nut bread. Smell is super accurate!

Fall Hot Cocoa
Leah (United States)
Smells amazing

So I got this as my free slime. Smells soooo yummy and makes amazing pops. It's really good!