Mental Health & Slime

We have covered quite a bit of topics involving slime over the course of a few weeks, and now we want to get into a topic that is very important to us here at Cornwithslime, mental health. 

Here at Cornwithslime, we receive tons of emails and comments from customers about the benefits they have received from playing with our slimes, and it's honestly such a beautiful thing for us to hear! 

There are various benefits to slime that we will be discussing further such as reducing stress, promoting mindfulness, self-care, encouraging creativity and self-expression, and its use as a tool for therapy. 


1. Reducing Stress 

With mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD, slime can help reduce stress and anxiety. The act of mixing, kneading, and manipulating slime can help us focus on the activity rather than focusing on the thoughts or thinking that is creating anxiety, stress, or trauma in our lives.

Our slime Galaxy Donut is a great example of this. Mixing and kneading in the clay donut helps us in 2 sensory ways, visual and touch. 

Which leads us into our next slime benefit, promoting mindfulness. 


2. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the state of being present and aware of the thoughts and feelings you are currently experiencing, without judgment. In regards to slime, you can foster mindfulness by focusing on the textures, smells, and colors of slime. With the popularity of ASMR, especially on social media platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube, you don’t even need to have a physical slime to be able to create mindfulness. Slime ASMR videos have wonderful mindfulness videos for its watchers to enjoy. 

Our Kitty Litter slime is one of our favorite crunchy slimes as the ASMR is super satisfying to hear and watch!


3. Self-Care

Slime is a great form of self-care as it helps prioritize one's mental health and makes time to enjoy a healthy activity that you love. It is a great way to spend time with yourself or with friends and family!

On our TikTok Jan and Ella spend a lot of time creating funny slime videos enjoyable for the whole family. 


4. Promotes Creativity and Self-Expression

Not only is slime great for mental health, but it is an excellent source of promoting creativity and self-expression. With so many various slimes, people are able to find which sorts of textures, colors, and scents fit their personality or their liking. 

For example, I am a big fan of icee slimes for their soft and fluffy textures, particularly ones that have vibrant colors and have sweet and fruity scents! Some people might even be inspired to create their own slimes at home, as mentioned in one of our earlier blogs, How to make slimes & its ingredients!



One of our favorite icee slimes we have in stock at the moment is Lisa Frank, she is one of the best examples of self expression and that's why we had to make her her own slime! This slime shows how customizable any slime can be. 


5. Therapy Tool

Another great aspect of slime is its utilization in therapy. Slime is a great grounding tool, as well as a stress relieving toy. Through articles, and even some amazing feedback and stories from our customers, slime has helped not only children in therapy sessions in helping ease any anxieties, traumas, or frustrations they may have, but even adults. It is a beneficial tool in helping people become calm during or after difficult moments or vulnerable discussions in therapy.

Below are some of our reviews from customers expressing how slime helps them! 

As you can see slime is not only a fun activity, but has amazing mental health advantages. We appreciate hearing all the comments and stories shared with us by customers about their mental health journeys with slime, and hope it continues to help everyone! 

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