How to make slime and it's ingredients!

The ingredients to make slime can vary depending on the recipe and the type of slime you want to make. However, here are some common ingredients used in many slime recipes:


GLUE: This is typically the main ingredient used to create the base of the slime. Clear or white school glue can be used, and the amount you need depends on the size of the slime you want to make.

BORAX OR LIQUID STARCH: These are commonly used as an activator to turn the glue into a slimy consistency. Borax is dissolved in water and added to the glue mixture, while liquid starch is added directly to the glue mixture.

WATER: This is often used to dilute the glue and create the right consistency for specific slime textures.

COLORING: This is optional, but can be used to add color to the slime.

GLITTER, BEADS, FOAM BALLS, OR OTHER ADD-INS: These are optional, but can be added to the slime mixture to give it texture or sparkle.


**It's important to note that while making slime can be a fun and creative activity, you need to follow the recipe instructions carefully and take appropriate safety precautions. Some slime recipes may involve the use of chemicals like borax, which should be handled with care and not ingested.**


How to make slime?


 1. Add glue

2. Add activator (borax + water solution) and mix!

 3. Next step is to add water but since we made a clear slime we don't need it.

 4. Let's move on to color! We chose........


 Time to mix in our color.


 5. Lastly let's add all our fun add-ins!

We added gold glitter stars. 


 Purple Bingsu!

Pink moon fimos

and last but not least, this cute space bear holding a moon <3


Now let's mix everything all together!


The color turned out amazing!

Here's a photo of it all together in a jar.


Watch the full ASMR video on our Instagram Cornwithslimeblog 


I'm sure we all can agree that making slime is super fun and entertaining but please remember to use adult supervision if you are under 10 years old. What slime should we make next? Comment on our latest Instagram post to let us know!

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