Mystery 8oz Slime

Mystery 8oz Slime

  • 11.99

Our mystery 8oz slimes are the perfect option for anyone who wants to be surprised with a slime they usually wouldn’t try, who knows, you may receive your NEWEST favorite slime! 

All of our mystery slimes are chosen randomly. Some can be overstock of limited-edition slimes we made, some are best sellers, and some are exclusive slimes we make JUST for our Mystery Slimes. Some slimes may come with add-ins on top and other may not. DIY clay slime kits are exempted from the mystery 8oz slimes. 

**Disclaimer if you order 2 or more Mystery Slimes there is a possibility you will get repeated slimes**

Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
Chayce Ryder (United States)

I received Fiesta Piñata as my mystery slime. It was my first floam slime so I was excited. It smells so good, like sour candies. Great bright colors, cute charms and sprinkles, very good for bubble pops. Best mystery slime I have received from any slime shop so far!

Carolina MIddlemiss (United States)

wish the prise was lower more people wpuld buy

A.W. (United States)
I love this!!

I wasn’t really sure about ordering a mystery slime but it was so cheap I couldn’t resist- to be honest I was really nervous but now that I have my slime I’m so glad I bought it! I got a slime called “fiesta piñata” and OMG it is sooo satisfying and it makes the best noise and I just can’t- will definitely be buying again. Also it came SO quick. Like- it was only a couple of days for me. Others slimes I’ve ordered from different companies have taken weeks. Fully recommend.

Audrey Gutierrez (United States)
I enjoyed my mystery slime so much!

I couldn’t wait for this slime to arrive and as soon as it arrived I was sooooo happy and exited it arrived really fast. It is a honey dew melon scent with a teal dye and it has cute little dragon fly charms, it is a snow fizz texture and it’s sooooooooooo fun and amazing! If you can’t decide with slime to get pick mystery slime, So thanks cornwithslime, I also follow you on Tik Tok and love every single video!

Ellie Potato (United States)

I wasn't sure about the mystery slimes since this was my first time purchasing from here, but I honestly love it so much! I got a strawberry cheesecake jelly slime, and it feels so good! And don't even get me started on the smell! It's smells AMAZING! I already ordered 2 more mystery slimes! 😁