Magic Pen - Slime Activator

  • 3.50

This 20ml activator pen is perfect to have on hand any time you are playing with slime and it starts to get sticky!

Simply put a couple sprays on your sticky slime, or on your hands, and your slime will not be sticky anymore.

65 sprays on every pen (yes we counted)

Made with borax

Disclaimer: discounts and promos do not apply to our magic pens

Customer Reviews

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Kathleen (United States)
Easy way to apply activator

The first activator I received didn't work very well. I clicked the top several times and would barely get any activator to spray out. But the second one I received works great and makes it easy to activate slimes as needed.

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bella (United States)
free magic pen for me

I got this item for free. I'm gonna try it out. I bet it will be great!

Michael Dietrich (United States)

Magic Pen - Slime Activator

Anonymous (United States)
Love it

I love it very helpful

Rose Johnson (United Kingdom)
What it’s about

Omg I love your vids and the slime is amazing and the pen is very helpful with ur slimes! And I love ur slimes they are so satisfying thank you for looking at this I love u so much!I will get more pens and slimes!!!!