Mystery Duo

Mystery Duo

  • 12.99

Feeling indecisive or do you just like pleasant surprises in the hunt for affordable slime? Well then, the mystery slime box duos are for you! You’ll never be disappointed with the contents of your slime mystery box that you receive. Your slime mystery gift comes with all of the unique textures and scents wrapped in the mystery slime duos.  They're always fun to try out, and sometimes even take you a step out of your slime comfort zone!

♡2 3oz randomly selected slimes

♡all slimes are scented

♡if you purchase more than 2 mystery duos, there’s a possibility you can get repeated slimes

♡slimes can be limited edition slimes sold before or current best sellers

Customer Reviews

Based on 165 reviews
Carolyn Loughran (United States)

They are both really amazing slimes but
The Nutella gloss when we got it felt a little goopy but shaving cram helped
Overall it’s nine out of ten for the slimes ( review by the 9 year old recipient of the slime duo)

L.H. (United States)
Loved it, would do again

I was so excited when this came with my order. I also got lucky and got the two other slimes I was looking at- Santa's Sweet Shop and Peach Bellini. I honestly loved the peach Bellini one so much more because the texture was more suited to me but I got to try a new texture I hadn't before.

Complex (United States)
Smelled & felt amazing

Liked the winter in wonderland snow one .. personally didn’t care for the sticky one with ball pieces but still good

Samantha Brandt (United States)
Mystery Duo

My children love it and have fun playing with it. It's the perfect size too.


Overall, the slime was very good if you want more information about the slimes I got, and just a slime texture and stickiness in general make sure click on this video which is 100% honest review video from these slimes and many more from the slime shop! YouTube video placeholder