• 22.99

This DIY Clay Slime Set includes:

♡ 8oz clear thick & glossy slime scented like vanilla honey

♡ Honeycomb DIY clay

♡ Bee charm + wood honey dipper

♡ Extra 6oz container

Level: Advanced


Here's some great news for honeycomb slime lovers: Learn how to make honeycomb slime with an amazing slime product. Our Honeycomb DIY clay slime set includes everything listed for you to assemble your own raw honeycomb slime like shown in the photo! It is also so much fun to mix together the white slime honeycomb with your honey dipper. Once you mix the honey slime  the mixing results in a clay slime honeycomb that is fluffy and also makes great bubble pops. This DIY clay slime is scented like vanilla honey! Disclaimer: Bee slime does not come off wood honey dipper.

Customer Reviews

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Someone (United States)

Very nice

Will recommend

Richard Forman (Thailand)
Honeycomb is awesome!

My son loved the honeycomb slime. It starts off as a clear, honey-like, golden orange slime. And when you add the honeycomb shaped yellow clay the color and texture change and get fluffy/cloudy. It was great fun for him to set it up to look like the photo on the website and then mix it all together.

Natalie Hoon (United States)
Honeycomb slime

Super fun to play with and it smells super awesome!!

Tanja Ihmig (Germany)

Smells really good and looks cool

Reviewer avatar
Duskwind (United States)
Sticky but nice!

It was sticky and kept coming apart but it got better after mixing in the clay! It was also very pretty