What are the 3 slime levels?

What are the 3 slime levels and why do I need to know about them?

If you have no clue what I'm talking about then you came to the right place. Today we are going to help you find what those levels are and why they are important. 

First let's talk about why we have different levels. It important to know what level your slime is before you purchase one as it will help you know if it will be easy for you to play with or if you'll have to know a bit more about the slime in order to properly handle it so you can the best experience while holding or playing with it. 

The 3 slime levels are: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Your BEGINNER slimes are going to be the ones that are easier to play with as they are non-sticky and easy to handle especially if you have never played with slime before. 

Some beginner slime textures are: CLOUD DOUGH, ICEE and CLAY. 

This is our Beginner Slime Bundle which includes all of the 3 textures above.


Cotton Candy Ice Cream is our CLOUD DOUGH, along with white glue we add instant snow and clay to get a nice doughy texture that makes the slime non-sticky and stretchy. 


Blue Razz Icee is an ICEE slime. For this slime we add clear glue, instant snow and a bit of water which make a soft and make sizzly slime to play with. 



Funfetti Frosting is our CLAY slime is made by combining white glue and clay which helps make a soft and fluffy slime. 



Next is our INTERMEDIATE slimes, these slime are better suited for someone who has played with slime before. 

Slime textures in this category are FLOAM, THICK & GLOSSY, and DIY CLAY.

This is our Intermediate Slime Bundle which include those 3 slime textures listed above.

Strawberry Banana Floam is a FLOAM slime which is a white school glue based slime and foam beads added. This texture is crunchy and makes the best bubble pops! Great for ASMR!


GUMMY BEAR GLOSS  is a THICK & GLOSSY slime which is made clear glue, hand soap, and glycerin. This slime is thiccck and is super stretchy. 


COWSMIC BROWNIE is our DIY CLAY which is made with white glue and activator (activator is a water and borax solution used to activate slime). It turns into a DIY Clay slime as we provide you with a cute brownie clay for you to mix in yourself. Once the clay is mixed in you get a soft and fluffy slime. 


Lastly we have ADVANCED slimes. These slimes are for PRO slime handlers! This is due to the fact that these slimes tend to stick to your hands if you are not quick with your movements. These slime definitely require adult supervision more than other especially is you are under the age of 12. Although please remember to have adult supervision when playing with any of our slimes regardless of how comfortable you are handling them. 

Slime textures included in this last category are CLEAR, JELLY CUBE, and BINGSU.

This last bundle is our Advanced Slime Bundle which include the above mentioned textures.

Ice Water is our Clear slime which is made with clear glue and activator. This slime is perfect for bubble pos and it is also thick and stretchy. 


Watermelon Refresher is our Jelly Cube slime and it's made with white glue, glycerin and our jelly cube sponges. The jelly cube sponges are perfect for squishing and they make a great popping noise for all our ASMR lovers!


Rock Candy is our Bingsu slime and is made with clear glue, glycerin and bingsu beads. This slime is super crunchy, stretchy and makes amazing bubble pops. 


So now that you know all about slime levels your practically an expert. Time to order all of them to try them out! Click HERE to see our ASMR videos of all the slime bundles on our Instagram Cornwithslimeblog

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