Slime – An Unusual Stress and Mental Fatigue Battler-in-Chief

The recently-concluded Tokyo Olympic games have served to highlight the rising instances of stress and anxiety among us. The case of U.S. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, put a spotlight on what it mens to be mentally drained and perpetually under stress. It has also shown that stress and mental fatigue impacts everyone – from kids and young adults, to career-builders and world-class professionals. Fortunately, there is a fun and creative way to deal with stress at all levels, and for all ages.

Take Time to Slime

Slime? Yuk! If you are new to “sliming”, no one will fault you for your first reaction. However, to understand that it’s a real phenomenon, simply search for slime online, and you’ll see what we mean. 

As we write this post, there are over 29.7 billion views on TikTok for slime. And slime-related viewership on YouTube is kicking-up a similar storm too, with over 25 billion views recorded last year.

With all that’s going on around us these days, it may be hard to comprehend why – when there are so many other pressing things on people’s minds - billions of people globally have embraced the slime phenomena. Yet, as unbelievable as it might sound, those “pressing things” are precisely the reason people are flocking to their nearest slime shop online! 

So, what’s the secret behind Slime’s rapid ascent into online fame?

Well, it’s more than just massive PR and marketing hype. It’s because of the many real-world benefits of Sliming, that this sticky, malleable substance has quickly managed to assemble such a large fan base. From kids’ playtime and distraction tool, to adult sleep and aroma therapy, Slime’s versatility has taken the world by storm. But there’s also a lot of research and real-world knowledge behind Slime’s ever-growing popularity – especially at a time when stress, tension and anxiety is high on our list of emotions.

Very Sticky Therapy

It turns out that Slime’s stickiness factor has science behind it. And the more people learn about slime, and its amazing characteristics, the more it sticks on them!

  1. Playing with Slime has proven to help children, with attention disorders like ADHD and ADD, grow more focused and relieves their stress levels
  2. When adults feel overwhelmed with home or work life, Sliming helps relieve their sense of anxiety, and helps calm them down
  3. Simply watching some of the amazing videos, about slime online, can have therapeutic effect. They’re funny. They’re creative. And they help divert attention – albeit for short periods of time – from a stressful situation. Sometimes, that’s all it takes for individuals – children and adults alike – to lower their stress levels
  4. Unlike crayons and paints, which also have amazing healing qualities, Slime is reusable and reconfigurable. That means parents can buy them in an assortment of colours, and kids (and their parent’s too!) get to enjoy Slime’s benefit for many months to come    

And that’s why billions of curious YouTubers and TikTokers are heading to their favorite online slime shop to stock up on their preferred variety of this amazing product. Not only are parents discovering the benefits of letting kids Slime, but adults have embraced Slimes’ wonderful advantages too.   


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