Our Top 5 Favorite Halloween Slimes

Spooky Season is our all-time favorite season to make slimes here at Cornwithslime Headquarters! We have made over 30+ new Halloween slimes this year and it's been so awesome to see and read all your reviews and feedback on them. 

Here we will list all of our top 5 favorite Halloween Slimes for 2021!

1.) Ice Scream

This soft and beginner-friendly cloud dough slime has been our #1 top best-selling Halloween slimes this year. One of our customer's said "This is my first cloud dough texture I've tried and it's my new favorite texture I love the scent and the charm" , and we can agree on all said. It's scented like black cherry, chocolate ice cream and comes with the adorable ghost face charm!

2.) Zombie Frappucino

This spooky cute DIY clay slime set is so fun to assemble and is the best gift for any Halloween fanatic! This set includes an 8oz thick and glossy slime scented like strawberry and kiwi, a 1oz strawberry syrup slime, and a neon pink brain clay. It turns into a super soft and fluffy clay slime when mixed.

3.) Spooky Popcorn

We love this slime because because it smells JUST like buttered popcorn, which reminds us of the movie theater. This slime has a mega crunchy floam texture which cute add-ins like pumpkin and bone fimos. 

4.) Boo-Berry Waffle

Everyone agrees that this slime has the best scent ever! It smells exactly like a blueberry waffle and it's just how you would imagine it. It's also mega cute because it comes with a waffle clay on top and ghost glitters + a blueberry charm.

5.) Monster Mash

If you've heard the catchy monster mash song then you know the inspiration behind this slime. This slime is mega crunchy, comes with 1 spooky charm and smells just like fruit punch, yum!

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