Slime Care 101

Let's say you bought some slime, you're ready to open it up and start playing with it, but once your hands touch the slime, you realize the texture is not what you were expecting. We completely understand how this might be frustrating at times and be a bit of a let down.

You may be asking, "Why is my slime so sticky/stiff? Did I receive a bad batch?" 

We are here to provide some helpful tips and visual guides for easing your worries and help you take good care of slime.

The most important thing to remember is that before we touch our slime we need to make sure our hands are clean and washed thoroughly with soap and water. This should always be the first thing you do when handling slime. It ensures that our slime stays in its best quality without any dirt or bacteria transferring to it. 


Now that your hands are washed let's get started!

Sticky slime first! 

Stickiness of slimes can be due to various reasons such as changing climates during transit or activator wearing off. Whenever slime goes through extreme climate changes it tends to alter it's consistency and might arrive sticky on arrival. Especially in warmer weather. If the slime sits for too long without play it will also lose it's activation. As mentioned in our last blog post, some slimes may also be stickier to you depending on their slime levels and your comfortability with handling the slime.

  1. Let's start with the "TOUCH TEST", using your pointer finger, poke your slime slightly to test out just how sticky your slime may be and how much activator might be needed.

My slime is a bit sticky so let's add some activator. Provided with every order from our shop is one, complementary baggie of borax powder, along with care instructions and directions on how to create activator.

2. Mix one cup of warm water with the baggie of borax powder until you can see that there are no visible granules of powder or clumps. Set your activator aside.

3. Once you have the slime out of the jar, make sure you place your slime on a clean surface. Add a bit of the activator to your slime. We suggest no more than a teaspoon at a time depending of the level of the stickiness.

4.Once the activator is added, fold the slime in itself until the activator is fully incorporated. This could take some time, so patience is key!

**If your slime is still sticky, continuing adding activator until your desired texture is reached. Now you can start playing with your slime! Additionally if you find that your slime is not too sticky but you don't want it to stick to your hands we suggest adding a bit of activator to your hands.**

Here is our slime all fixed and ready to play with!

Next, we will go over what to do if your slime is stiff.

Stiffness of slimes is similar when it comes to change of temperature. 

As mentioned previously, make sure your hands are clean and your slime is placed on a clean surface.

For stiff slimes, you will need to have clear, unscented sanitizer for a clear glue based slime and unscented lotion for a white glue based slime

In our example, we will be using a clear slime, so we will use clear unscented sanitizer.

1. Start by adding a pump of you lotion or sanitizer and mix it in. This process could also require a bit of patience.


2. Continuing adding a few more pumps until your desired texture is reach and you're ready to play!

***Additionally, place your slime near a heater or hot area for few hours, or simply warm it up with your hands. You can also place your closed slime in a bowl of warm water for a couple of minutes to help it warm up a bit.***


 Some important side notes:

  • Adding borax powder straight to your slime without creating the instructed activator will ruin your slime beyond repair and change the texture drastically. We do not want that!
  • As tempting as it may be to continuing playing with your slime, overinflating your slime may cause your slime to be prone to shrinkage. We suggest limiting the amount of time your inflate your slime so this problem may be avoided and you have more longevity playing with your slime. 

  • To prevent your slime from drying out, always make sure the lid of your slime is closed properly. 
  • Slime is sensitive to climate, so make sure that your slime is protected from overly hot or cold temperatures. 


Here at Cornwithslime, we want to make sure your slime last longer and is an enjoyable and fun experience! So please consider all these above tips before enjoying your new slime!

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