I Own An Online Slime Shop Called Cornwithslime


 Hi there! Let me introduce myself (-: my name is Gleyna and I'm the one behind the scenes of Cornwithslime. I'm 20 years old and I first started my instagram for Cornwithslime when I was 15. You might ask, why did you choose the name Cornwithslime?? Well, I didn't mean it to be permanent. All the usernames I wanted for my slime account on instagram were already taken and at the time I had phase where I ate corn everyday for weeks (lol), so the word corn came to my mind. I thought it would be funny to make Cornwithslime my username for a while until I came up with a better one.. I never did. 

     Now that I've talked about how I came up with the name for my slime shop, let me introduce myself more with some fun facts about me!

1.) I'm vegan! It might come off as a surprise since most of my slimes are of foods that aren't vegan but I used to love them before I went vegan 2 years ago.

2.) My favorite color is green. Although, pink is my second favorite color (-:

3.) My all-time favorite slime texture is clay slime. I can never get tired of it & it's always relaxing to play with!

4.) My sun sign is a leo and my moon sign is a capricorn (i love astrology)

5.) I love being outdoors! When I'm not at the warehouse making slime, I like spending my free time hiking or visiting new places.

     I first discovered slime when I was 15 and scrolling through my instagram explore page; I was instantly hooked to the ASMR and visuals. I decided to purchase some slimes to feel the experience for myself rather than in videos, and I found myself even more hooked. I then decided to start my instagram account as a "fun review page" with no intent of starting a business. I quickly build a high following and decided to start my own shop to share my creations. I now have my own slime warehouse and sell slime for a living!

     Slime has played such an important role in my life, and it actually served me as a therapy tool a couple years ago when I was going through a really difficult time in my life. I am a huge advocate on the mental health benefits slime has to offer because it helped me personally, and it's actually what drove my purpose to create the Aromatherapy Slimes series; to help other people through the art of slime. 




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