Get to know our CEO: Gleyna

Happy 2024🍾! 

It's a new year which means all new blog topics. Today I decided it was time to sit down with our CEO and ask her some questions about Cornwithslime. You'll get to hear how the company was started and were it's headed this new year.


Interviewer: Hi Gleyna, welcome to the Blog! We are happy to have you here and hear about some of your journey.

Gleyna: Thank you so much for having me. I am really excited to be here and to give you guys some insight into my life!


Interviewer: First I want to know what your first interaction with slime was?

Gleyna: Oh my gosh! My first interaction with slime was on Instagram. If I can remember it was a slime video from the Instagram accounts Pugsloveslime or Snoopslimes. I was just really into how weird it looked and the noises were super stress-relieving to me. I ended up buying some and then bought so much that I thought “let me make it myself” and then I started making it myself.


Interviewer: Oh ok Ms. CEO I see you,  so then how did you know you wanted to create a slime business?

Gleyna: I literally started it for fun and wanted to show people what I was doing with it. I wanted to make slimes that were not in the current market- like savory scented slimes at that time. It was really a way to share my art with people and I started really liking it and focusing my time more with it as I noticed people were enjoying the products I was making.

Interviewer: What was the first slime you ever sold?, Do you think you will ever revamp it and bring it back?

Gleyna: The first slime I ever sold was a slime called Tea Party and it was a brown clear slime scented like iced tea, it was super basic but I thought I was doing something with it (laughs). Fun fact!, I didn't start adding sprinkles and fimos into slime until 2020, so this slime was bare! (laughs again) If I revamped it, it would be exactly how we made Tea and Cakes. That’s why when we made Tea and Cakes, it was almost nostalgic to me, because of Tea Party.

Interviewer: I had no idea that Tea & Cakes had so much meaning behind it. It's truly a full circle moment. Now I know this year the company turned 6 years old! Congratulations!!, What advice would you give your younger self now that your business is 6 years old?

Gleyna: I would say, to never forget about the joy of creating. I think that's a really big one. Always find problems to solve and keep not caring what people think. I’ve never really cared about what people think and I think that's how I've come so far. I've always been a strong believer in what I do and keep doing it.


Interviewer: What are your proudest moments from these last 6 years years of running your business?

Gleyna: During the first 2 years, I would say going to conventions and being around other slime connoisseurs and enthusiasts, that's one of my proudest moments. Being able to be around that atmosphere really helped me realize how passionate I was about this as a career and not just a hobby. Second would be all the milestones our platforms have hit, like 100,000 followers on Instagram, hitting 2 million on YouTube, and I think also scaling to a bigger warehouse with offices and bigger space to create.

Interviewer: I'm super curious to know what if Cornwithslime did not exist, where do you think you'd be in life?

Gleyna: If Cornwithslime didn't exist I don't know what I would’ve done. I probably wouldn't have stayed in the states and I would have grown up in Mexico. I probably would've gone to college and been sad and miserable. I would have gone to college only to make others happy. But it wasn't what I wanted and not authentic to me and my person. If I would have started another business besides slime, I probably would have designed clothes because it's another passion of mine.


Interviewer: Period, we love a fashion icon. Now, I wonder and am sure others wonder what piece of advice / values have helped you run a successful business?

Gleyna: First I would have to say innovation. I am really innovative as a person and in business. I'm always looking for new ways to do things and it's a big part of our content we put out. Branding & Marketing also, as a child I always had lots of magazines and loved looking at how other companies presented themselves and what they were doing. If i had to choose only 4 values that would really help someone just starting out they would have to be persistence, commitment, innovation, & passion. All these contribute to being a successful business owner.


Interviewer: Ok to close this out I have some rapid fire questions we want to know your answers on.

What is your favorite slime color, texture and scent.

Gleyna: Pink 💖, snow fizz❄️, blueberry pancakes 🫐🥞 


Interviewer: What is your least favorite slime color, texture, and scent?

Gleyna: Brown 💩, clay, stewed tomatoes 🍅 


Interviewer: If your company wasn't named Cornwithslime what would it be called?

Gleyna: Slime queen but it was taken already **CRIES**Crying Kim Kardashian Digital Art by Ray M Council - Pixels

Interviewer: What's your all time favorite slime we have ever stocked.

Gleyna: That's a really hard one because we have done over 1,000+ slimes but right now I would have to say Jewelry Box 💎or Vintage Red Velvet 🎀.

Interviewer: Besides us, who is your one of your favorite slime companies?

Gleyna: I think I would have to pick Slime OG

Interviewer: Last question, do you like pineapple 🍍 on your pizza?

Gleyna: NOOOO!! 🙅‍♀️

And with that shocking news I think this will close out our interview with our CEO Gleyna. Thank you all for joining us and we hope you stick around for all new blog post this year. We will be posting once month so make sure you have your notification turned on! To stay connected with Cornwithslime on all platforms click the links below:










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