Advanced Slimes Bundle

  • 35.99

We created the Advanced Slimes Bundle for the slime experts, or anyone who is interested in trying our most popular advanced slime textures! Our advanced slimes are all clear based, and have amazing bubble pops. They are great for anyone who wants a texture-filled slime experience. Although they are our stickiest slimes, this can easily be handled by adding activator to your hands before playing with them if you are new to these textures.

This bundle makes a great gift for all slime connoisseurs! 

Slimes in this bundle:

Iced Water (6oz size) - clear slime texture unscented (comes with all add-ins shown)

Watermelon Refresher (6oz size) - jelly cube clear slime scented like the name (all add-ins come in a baggie separately)

Rock Candy (6oz size) - bingsu clear slime scented like the name (all add-ins come in a baggie separate)

This bundle comes in a box filled with crinkle paper and all the slimes inside. It’s packaged like a little gift! 

Disclaimer: discounts and promos do not apply to the beginner slimes bundle.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Dumancela (United States)
My favorite

The slime bundle is awesome! So satisfying to play with and reduces stress. We are weekly customers. Good bubble pop and nice stretch. Never dry and always has amazing texture.

Linda Abele (United States)

Advanced Slimes Bundle

E. (United States)

GREAT! After you add the borax it is not sticky I loved it!🩷🩵❤️💙🧡

R.T. (United States)
Way too sticky!

I got this slime and it’s really pretty and smells nice but all three were horribly sticky and I played with each for about an hour with no progress. Nothing came with the package to fix this issue either

Hello Ryenn,
Thank you for your review on our Advanced Slimes Bundle. As stated in the name of the product, this slime is of the level ADVANCED. Meaning the slimes can be stickier and the slimes may require more care to handle them. In the description of the product we state that these are our stickiest slimes. We also provide instructions on how to make them less sticky with activator. In every order we provide borax for you to make your own activator with.

J. (Germany)
Slime box

I wish I could chose the slime I wanted but it is the best slime i ever had