Strawberry Slimerita

Strawberry Slimerita

  • 16.99

♡Size: 8oz

♡Texture: icee slime

♡Scent: strawberry soda

♡Add-Ins: clear bingsu beads + strawberry fimos + 1 strawberry charm + 1 ice cube

♡Level: beginner

♡Description: Our Strawberry Slimerita slime has an icee texture that is soft, sizzly and great for beginners. It is topped with all the add-ins shown and smells just like strawberry soda!

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Courtney Rineman (United States)

Smells like fresh strawberries. It has a nice sizzle but does feel wet due to the snow. No fall outs. Definitely recommend 😊

Holi Holiday (United States)
it's cool

Yeah I wasn't expecting it to be so soft like wow

Sarah Davis (United States)
Great slime

Arrived in perfect condition! The smell is strong but I really like it.

Mary Layne Million (United States)
Love the texture

I love icee slime textures and this one is so nice! I also love the scent I'm very sensitive to smells and sometimes really fruity scents can be too strong and give me a headache but this one is perfect!

Morgan (United States)
My favorite yet!!

The smell is AMAZING. So refreshing, not super sweet or artificial smelling. The texture is incredibly soft, not sticky, and almost cooling on the hands. Soooo fun to play with! This is my 4th slime from this shop, and this one is my #1!!