Strawberry Shortcake Bar

Strawberry Shortcake Bar

  • 15.49

♡Texture: white glue floam

♡Scent: strawberry shortcake bar

Add-Ins: ice cream bar fimos

♡Description: this is a super crunchy floam slime that creates amazing bubble pops the more you inflate it! It’s a mix of pink & white foam beads to resemble those good humor strawberry shortcake bars, it even smells just like it too!

Customer Reviews

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Deb Fearon (United States)

I live the smell and the bubble pops are amazing.

Leah Needham (United States)
Greatest Slime!

I loved this slime. I had just recently sprained my ankle, so I was incredibly excited that the slime had arrived! This smelled like heaven; couldn't stop smelling it! The texture was so nice, and the slime itself was really awesome! Like only the very best slime, the foam beads rose to the top, and the sprinkles sunk. It was glossy, too, and had a nice stretch. Although in a couple of weeks I had to throw it away because I took it out so much, that is a long time to play with a slime! It was so worth the money. I totally recommend. 2,000/10!

Aubrey (United States)
Smells yummy!

So I was a first time buyer with cornwithslime. I ordered the strawberry shortcake because it seemed like a lovely choice. When it got here (took forever,was so excited!), I immediatly opened it and started to play with it. Smelled so good!!! It was a bit sticky, so it was great that the package comes with instructions and borax. After adding a bit of borax, it was WAY less sticky. I totally reccomend this slime! Will be buying again :)

Natalie Vaughn (United States)
Love it

Love this slime so much did not take a long time to deliver and the slime is perfect

Cynthia Fernando (United States)
Smells great!

Lots of clicks, not too sticky! Love it!!!