Strawberry Shortcake Bar

Strawberry Shortcake Bar

  • 13.99

♡Texture: white glue floam

♡Scent: strawberry shortcake bar

Add-Ins: ice cream bar fimos

♡Description: this is a super crunchy floam slime that creates amazing bubble pops the more you inflate it! It’s a mix of pink & white foam beads to resemble those good humor strawberry shortcake bars, it even smells just like it too!

Customer Reviews

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Crystal Powers (United States)

Love how this smells just like strawberry shortcake bars! It is so crunchy and fun to play with and stretches really good. It definitely exceeded my expectations for this slime as I have got alot of foam bead slimes and they don't feel like this one. This one is amazing!

Leah Radack (United States)

I love this one!! The texture is amazing and the charms are so cute!! And... THE CRUNCHES!! OH MY GOOOOOOSHHHHHH! the crunches are evvveryyythinnggggg!!!!

Jennifer (United States)

Holy cow does this smell so good! Exactly like strawberry short cake. Crazy how you can pick each scent note out. Yummy. Not to mention how amazingly crunchy it is. Highly recommend

Lee Kate (United States)
Strawberry shortcake bar

OK… This has nothing to do with the creator of the slime. But it was very stiff due to cold weather. My little sister accidentally put the borax powder in the slime instead of putting in the water first so it became rockhard. But again that it’s not the creators fault at all. Besides that… The popsicle charms were so cute. It smelled just like the strawberry shortcake bar. Before hand it was a little sticky. The color was cute and the texture was nice. I would recommend this just use the Borax a little bit! Thumbs up to Gleyna . 🍓

Canyonlady (United States)
Excellent slime

I love this slime so much! Love the scent and it’s so much fun to play with. Not sticky at all

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