Passion Pink Icee

Passion Pink Icee

  • 16.99

♡Size: 8oz

♡Texture: icee slime

♡Scent: dragonfruit 

♡Add-Ins: flower charm + leaf charm + flowers fimos mix

♡Level: beginner

♡Description: Our Passion Pink Icee slime has an icee texture that is soft, stretchy, sizzly, and drizzly too! It comes with all add-ins on top of the slime. Smells deliciously like dragonfruit!



Cornwithslime wristband, Cornwithslime tattoo, squishy, or jumbo sized candy

(gifts can vary from any of the above)

A slime care kit with borax and slime care instructions is included in all orders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Samantha S. (United States)
Best Slime Ever!

I got this for my 7 year old daughter, but I think I might steal it. This slime smells amazing and I absolutely love the texture of this one. It is so soft, fluffy, and stretchy. I am obsessed.

vanillaregina (Mexico)
A very nice Icee slime with a pleasant scent

I liked the concept of this slime a lot! The charms are so cute as well as the color. It's has a florally scent with fruity hints, it did smell a bit artificial when I opened it, but got used to the sweet scent as I played with it. The only thing that disappointed me was that it really didn't drizzle as much as I hoped it would. I saw a video on the YT and IG
account of cornwithslime of this particular slime and decided to buy it just because it had such a nice and soothing drizzle in the video, but in reality it's more stretchy. You can do small and few drizzles but the consistency is not the same as the video portrayed it. It's still a very cute slime that I enjoy playing with.

Joann (United States)
First Purchase, No Regrets!

This was my first slime I have EVER bought & I am glad I chose to purchase from cornwithslime! The quality it great and the scent is absolutely amazing. I'll definitely purchase more when I can. So far my slime has not gotten sticky and I believe it's been about 3 weeks since I've gotten it. It's a nice stress reliever

Emilia (Canada)
i love it🥰

I did not think that it would look like how it came but i dont mind it is a icee slime btw if u see someone who said that its a cloud with like i a pic thats fake but i still love this slimes its not a cloud slime at all so if someone says that they r faking it! 8/10 u should buy it i said 8 bc i didnt think it would look like how it came but they have not posted a vid about this slime yet but i still love it so but i love the feel came a lil stiff but that is 100% not the creators fault its just bc of the water😊 besides that i love the slime!!!

Morgan Burnette (United States)

Ordered these for my daughter, the shipping was quick! It got here a couple of days early and my daughter is very satisfied with her purchases!