Nutella Gloss

  • 15.99

*Best Seller* *Fan Favorite*

A super thick and glossy slime that resembles the delicious chocolate and hazelnut spread Nutella! And just like Nutella goes matte when spread on toast, this slime goes matte when stretched and then back to glossy!

Scented like Nutella

In screw-top containers with adorable pink lids

All orders come with extras that include candy, borax & business card! Bigger orders get more fun extras like cornwithslime merch, clay, etc! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 277 reviews
J.C. (United States)

It was pretty good but I wouldn’t say it was the best the color was not the same but the scent was perfect but then after one day it became tiny when I had to add some borax but then it became too stiff then I add glue then perfect texture so if you want this slime be ready with all your items I would totally recommend it if you like hard work

A.C. (United States)

I am disappointed in the slime after 2 weeks of having it is shrunk to half its size and when I first got it it was not the color as advertised and it's starting to become hard and not easy to stretch

Linds (United States)
Great texture

Great texture, perfect for bubble pops. Glossy, stretchy, fun to play with. Color is a little off though- looks more like flesh tone than Nutella.

Olivia Dotto (United States)
it’s amazing!

the slime was not sticky at all when i received it! i love the texture! the smell is amazing! i totally recommend this shop!

Mia (United States)

It's ok. I was disappointed with the orange brown color. It's not the deep rich brown Or the texture I was expecting. Just not the best slime I have received from CWS but not horrible.