Nerds Floam

Nerds Floam

  • 15.99

♡Size: 8oz

♡Texture: floam slime

♡Scent: fruit punch  + blue raspberry 

Add-Ins: nerds candy charm 

♡Description: Our Nerds Floam slime is a super crunchy thick & glossy base slime packed with pink and blue foam beads! It smells just like fruit punch and blue raspberry, which to us smells just like nerds candy!

Customer Reviews

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Adonis Morris (United States)
Amazing slime!

The smell is so appealing with its fruity smell I didn’t get the nerd charm Thoe but other then that everything look great

Mayra Arechiga (United States)
The best 🤩🤩

Its awesome even though you play with it soo much once u put it back in its container it goes back to its original form and all the tiny foam balls go to the top , plus if it gets like junk or hair in it all that stuff goes to the top as well so it kind of self cleans itself and goes back to its perfect condition once again. I love it and never looses its smell 😍

Pleasantly Surpised

I’m an adult slime collector. Fairly new to the slime world. I’m team Clear and Thick & Glossy. I was never into crunch slimes. I decided to try this one just because. I ordered four slimes from CornWithSlime and this ended up being my favorite (I also purchased the Peach Bellini, New Year Slimerita, & Minty Mojito). Now I love floam slimes! And the scent is just like Nerds, so good! Thank you for the experience @cornwithslime!

Unajet (United States)
Enjoying this floam

I have a few slimes purchased. With the floam, the small foam balls separate (floating to the top) and I enjoy having to mix them back into the silky slime now on the bottom. I really enjoy working them with my hands as a way to keep them occupied.

Ordering more asap!

My 9 year old has been asking for these slimes for a while and so I ordered a few different types as a Christmas gift. We love them! The textures are all so different depending on the type of slime you get, the themes are super fun, and the scents are yummy. The slimes don't dry out quick and the packaging is very easy and convenient. We even got a friend hooked on these slimes. I'm planning on ordering more as a Valentines Day gift for my kid! We're always excited to see new releases too :)