Nerds Floam

Nerds Floam

  • 13.99

♡Size: 8oz

♡Texture: floam slime

♡Scent: fruit punch  + blue raspberry 

Add-Ins: nerds candy charm 

♡Description: Our Nerds Floam slime is a super crunchy thick & glossy base slime packed with pink and blue foam beads! It smells just like fruit punch and blue raspberry, which to us smells just like nerds candy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Miranda Stoll (United States)

My 8 year old daughter and I love it. We thought it was super cool that the foam beads separated and were back at the top when it sat overnight!

Autumn McWilliams (United States)

THIS IS AMAZING. I love the texture of this slime and the scent as well. It is strong, but not too strong for me. And the slime isn’t sticky! Which I love. I was worried it would be. But it’s so wonderful!

Peyton Keefe (United States)
Love the texture

Everything about this slime is Amazing! I love the different size floam needs it just adds to the concept and the texture in such a nice way! the scent is nice too

dalya jaber (United States)

This slime was awesome it made awesome bubble pops I never got bored of it. I left over night and when I woke up to play with it the foam was all at the top and it was super nice to push down it was satisfying too! It was very calming and relaxing and I squished the bubbles it calmed me down 10000% recommend

Liz S (United States)
I love this slime

I received this slime in the mystery duo and it's my favorite so far from this store (I've received 4 different slimes). It smells exactly like fruit punch, the texture is great and I love the bubble pops. Would definitely get this one in a bigger size

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