Monthly Slime Box - May

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Prepare for a sensational slime experience with our May "Boba Shop" Slime Box! This slime collection is designed to capture a fun trip to your favorite bubble tea shop. With three 8oz slimes inspired by popular boba flavors, this box promises to delight your senses and bring hours of enjoyment.


All 3 - 8oz slimes in this bundle are exclusive to this box so be a part of the cool kids club and get your box now!

Slimes come in “6oz containers” but are filled to the brim, which fill 8oz of slime.

Slimes in this box:

♡Very Berry Boba: 8oz light pink floam slime

Scented like fresh berries (strawberry, blueberry & blackberries)

Add-ins: Berry boba charm + 10 boba beads + sprinkle mix

Level: Intermediate

♡Cotton Candy Boba: 8oz icee x clear slime

Scented like cotton candy

Add-ins: cotton candy boba charm + 10 boba beads + sprinkle mix

Level: Advanced

♡Mango Boba Slushee: 8oz slushee slime

Scented like fresh mangoes

Add-ins: mango boba charm + mango charm + 10 boba beads + sprinkle mix

All slimes come with add-ins shown.

Level: Advanced

Very Berry Boba and Mango Boba Slushee add ins will be inside the Extra Goodies compartment, Cotton Candy Boba will have the add ins inside on top of the slime!


The Boba Shop Monthly Box comes in a custom Cornwithslime box with a Extra Goodies compartment that includes:

♡Random Boba Sticker

♡Cute boba bear cup with lid and straw

♡Adorable pink boba plushie

♡Pink & Yellow crinkle paper

Whether you're playing solo or sharing with friends, these slimes are guaranteed to be a hit. Dive in and let the boba-inspired fun begin!

DISCLAIMER: Discounts and promos do not apply to our Monthly Slime Box

Note: Slimes do not arrive overfilled as shown as we enhance them for photos for showcase purposes. Actual product colors may differ due to screen display configurations and lighting. All slimes sold contain diluted borax. Slimes are reactive to surrounding environment and temperatures which may cause stickiness or stiffness - upon delivery, please follow instructions on the Slime Care card very carefully to ensure optimal product quality. Please note that the seller is not responsible for any product damage caused by buyer's misuse.

Please read our FAQ carefully before completing your purchase. By purchasing this product, the buyer agrees to the store's policy and confirms that they have read, understand, and agree to the terms, conditions, and policies of the store.

Customer Reviews

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Kyra Petermann (United States)

Monthly Slime Box - May

Aeicha Matteson (United States)
10 out 10

My 11 year old niece LOVES this box! She says 10/10 for everything: the textures, the smells, the add ins. Says the Cotton Candy one is her favorite slime ever!!

Reviewer avatar
bella (United States)
Boba Shop slime box

This is the 3rd time that I've gotten the monthly slime box! March (CWS's first monthly slime box), April, and May!

Very Berry Boba: Smells like yogurt! Best crunch sound for ASMR! My fav slime from this May monthly box! 10/10

Cotton Candy Boba: This smells terrible! It almost made me puke after I ended the vid review. I said in the vid that it was alright, but no! Smells like chemicals! But I like the texture, but I can't play with it bc it smells awful! I was gonna rate this slime 7/10 in the vid review, but I changed my mind so 5/10

Mango Boba Slushee: I'm neutral to the scent. It was good at first, but the smell is a little strong. Great crunch sound though! I was gonna rate this 9/10 in the vid review but I changed my mind so 7/10.

In conclusion, this monthly slime box is alright. The Very Berry Boba is my fav. The Mango Boba Slushee is alright, I'm neutral to it. The Cotton Candy Boba is my least fav bc it smells awful it almost made me puke! 🤮
So I vote for this box 6/10