Melted Peeps

Melted Peeps

  • 15.79

♡Size: 8oz

♡Texture: clay butter slime

♡Scent: birthday cake marshmallow peeps

♡Add-Ins: white glitter + peeps sprinkles

♡Level: beginner

♡Description: Our Melted Peeps slime has a clay butter texture that is smooth, stretchy and becomes fluffy the more you play with it. This slime texture is great for beginners as it is non-sticky. Comes with a baggie of white glitter and rainbow peep sprinkles for you to add on top. 

Customer Reviews

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Felicia M. (United States)
Love the texture

Got different slime textures, and this has become my favorite by far. It's fluffy, lots of bubble pops, and the smell is amazing.

Abigale Vipond

this is by far the best slime I’ve ever had great texture and smell <3

M.R. (United States)

My 7 year old picked this one out and it became my favorite out of the few that we own immediately. It’s soooo soft and satisfying to play with and the smell is so mild and addicting. I didn’t realize I was gonna be a grown women addicted to buying slimes but this company is the best!

B.R. (United States)
Super cute

Really enjoyed this slime. You add the “sprinkles” and glitter yourself which I found very fun. Great texture.
Scent is very accurate even though I wasn’t a huge fan of it. This is in no way the seller’s fault, I’ve shopped with a few different slime shops and have discovered that I just don’t love marshmallow scents

Mary Schneck (United States)
I do love this company

This company is so wonderful to work with because they are trustworthy and friendly. The shipment comes fast and the slime is so much fun! Sometimes the slime is a little sticky, but the fun part is adding the activator and fixing it.