Magic Pen - Slime Activator

  • 1.99

This 5ml activator pen is perfect to have on hand any time you are playing with slime and it starts to get sticky!  Simply put a couple sprays on your sticky slime and your slime will not be sticky anymore.

97 sprays on every pen  (yes we counted)

Made with borax

Customer Reviews

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J.B. (United States)
Sprayer didn't work well, but was very helpful when it worked

For some reason the bottles I purchased weren't very good at spraying the activator. However, the actual solution works beautifully once you can get it out of the container. Maybe I just got on lucky with my bottles.

Jessica Stafford (United States)
Love it

It’s so easy to use it’s a must have!!! Brings your slime back to life ! Recommend it to everyone and I just ordered more slime and more pens. Your slime is amazing! I can’t get enough. I kinda got a wide variety of textures this time !!! I’m so excited

Rachel Underwood (United States)

Magic Pen - Slime Activator

Nicole Swatek (United States)
Definitely Useful

This pen is decently priced and works really great when your slimes get a bit too sticky. I've used it so far with two of my slimes (1-2 sprays each) and they were good to go. Cornwithslime adds a little packet of borax (and instructions) with orders - but having a pen on hand means I don't have to mix stuff or worry about over adding the mixture to my slimes (and turning them in to (essentially) rubber). At the end of the day, I'm glad I have it and I would recommend other customers to purchase <3

Caitlin Keinard (United States)
Love it!

I'll still hold on to the packet of borax but the pen is definitely a lot easier!