Lucky Charms Ice Cream

Lucky Charms Ice Cream

  • 13.99

♡Texture: cloud dough

♡Scent: lucky charms cereal + ice cream

Add-Ins: rainbow sprinkles + rainbow fimos + cherry charm

♡Description: this fluffy cloud dough slime is perfect for beginners; it’s smooth, spreadable & super inflating! It has a unique scent blend that we carefully crafted to smell just like the lucky charms cereal and yummy sweet ice cream! And to top the slime off, it comes with the cutest sprinkles and fimos with a cherry on the side for you to decorate.

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Didn't smell like lucky charms

It was a great texture but didn't really smell like lucky charms and didn't come with charm otherwise love you and your slimes


I love your slimes

I love this slime

This smile is amazing! Super stretchy, very smooth it does smell like fruit loops but I am not mad! I highly recommend!!

Not disappointed at all!!

So, I ordered this slime thinking it was just some basic slime, like I have gotten in the past that is manufactured but that was not the case the sent was so nice and the packaging was amazing and the slime felt great!! I loved it so much I just got 5 more slimes!! This is such a great business, I will be making more purchases in the future!!


loved this slime so much, the sent smelled more like fruit loops but it still smelled super good, and the texture was perfect!

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im waiting

i will get the slime soo and i will tell you how it is! i am so so exited

Totally Amazing!!

I loved the slime it was sooo nice how it inflated. I have been admiring from afar but I bough this slime first and now my room is packed with these slimes!! Would DEFINITELY recommend!!


I have purchased many slimes from Corn with Slime for the last year and a half, this one is far and away my favorite!! I want to purchase another one just to keep the base without mixing in the's that good. I played with the base alone and didn't mix in the funnel cake for over a week, it is such a fun, squishy slime! Now that I finally caved and mixed in the cake, it is twice the size and inflates very easily. But seriously...the scent of this slime is incredible. I am currently teaching virtually and will open the jar for a minute to play because I cannot get enough of the scent! If you're on the fence, let this be the review that convinces you to buy. =)

Mystery 8oz Slime

I would definitely buy again it was just amazing.😆😆😁

Freddy the Alfredo is everything I hoped a slime would be

Thank you for the small bag of borax, it definitely made activating Freddy much easier for me plus tiny bags just immediately make everything seem more magical. He smells exactly like sweetened condensed milk and the add ins are so so fun! He’s just as fun to play with as the day he arrived. I love this shop so much that I bought a second slime. I’m just starting out my slime collection but I hope to have a few different slimes of different smells and textures to suit every mood. Definitely helps my anxiety in my high stress customer service job. I’ve noted benefits of using slime as someone on the spectrum. It aids my fidgety behavior. The noodles are my favorite part and if I’m honest, I still think if you just doubled the add-ins once over, it would be a perfect amount. But that’s more a personal opinion than a critique. Your slimes got my friend interested in slime, so obviously you’re doing something right. I highly recommend this shop to anyone looking to start collecting slime