Ichiraku Ramen

  • 21.99

This DIY Clay Slime Set includes:

♡ 8oz red jelly slime scented like black cherry

♡ DIY clay ramen + all toppings in a baggie (fish cake, pork belly, egg fimos + green bingsu beads + 1 ramen charm)

♡ Extra 6oz deli container

♡ Level: advanced 

Description: Our Ichiraku Ramen DIY clay slime set comes with everything listed for you to assemble and mix on your own! Once you mix your ramen DIY clay into your slime you will get a unique jelly slime texture that is stretchy and makes great bubble pops. DISCLAIMER: Some slimes may come with fried egg charm instead of ramen charm

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Kelsey vititow
Our favorite slime so far!

The clay noodles were very neat! And once mixed with the slime was such a beautiful color. It was our first add in and my daughter loved it!

Arika Hover (United States)

My kids loved it and it smells awesome. Will buy from this company again.

Nadine Y (United Kingdom)
Loved it!!

I love the texture and smell of this DIY slime! The texture is so soft and clicky!!

Jessica Basto (United States)
Super nice

The jelly texture is SO cool, its so smooth and soft.

Meghan Wynott (United States)

The scent on this slime is amazing, better than it being actually ramen smelling. I love weird slimes like this, we need more red slimes! This slime shop always puts 110% in their products, I have slime from months ago that are still the same as when I first got them. Adults and especially kids will love this shop.