Honeydew Milk Boba

Honeydew Milk Boba

  • 13.99

♡Size: 8oz

♡Texture: slushee slime

♡Scent: honeydew and sweet condensed milk 

Add-Ins: 3 boba charms

♡Description: Our Honeydew Milk Boba slime has a super crunchy slime texture that is amazing for bubble pops! It’s gentle on the hands, and quite relaxing to play with too. It smells just like honeydew and sweet condensed milk which smells delicious. Comes with 3 boba charms.

Customer Reviews

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Skye Rivers
Honeydew milk boba

Loved it! The only thing I'd change is making the amazing scent stronger💚🍵

Crystal Powers (United States)
Feels amazing

I didn't know what to expect with this slime as I'm not a boba drinker but this smelled amazing and it feels amazing to pull and squeeze. Completely love it and now I have to try a boba drink lol

Sue powers, (United States)
Good but a little sticky ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

I would give it a 4 star cuz the texture is amazing! 🤩 but the boba 🧋fell out the Frist time I played with the slime (jk it was the 10th btw) it did stick to its lid but other than that it is a great slime to buy. I give it a overall score for 7/10
Texture: sticky, but Stell playable
Sent: 9/10
NOTE: you can only pull it so hard/fast or else the 🧋will come out,and also the white 🧋 ( the thing the bottom of the drink)
Age: 9+ (but can differ for kid to kid)
P.S. if you love/like ASMR it gives you great bubbley texture,it also gives you a ‘clean cut’ very time you pick the slime up again.
i am not a boba drinker btw (I had never had 🧋 boba in my life btw)

It does come stiff by the way (btw) when I was playing with it I hurt my nail and was extremely stiff, sorry I didn’t say it sooner.
1.) more thing is when you get the slime it has the boba 🧋 is at the bottom

Anonymous (United States)
Not the best scent

I wish I liked the smell. It makes me gag really badly. Smells like milk gone bad. The slime is cool to play with…if you don’t mind holding your breath. Unfortunate really.

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