Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie

  • 15.99

This DIY Clay Slime Set Includes:

♡ 8oz clay slime scented like a fortune cookie (scent has notes of vanilla, sugar cookie, and almonds)

♡ 2 clay fortune cookies


Our Fortune Cookie DIY clay slime comes with everything listed for you to assemble and mix on your own. The clay fortune cookies look super realistic, but they’re not! When you mix your fortune cookies into your slime you will get a super soft & butter clay slime texture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jon R. (United States)
Great slime!

I know I didn’t buy the slime yet but it looks great and I was also covering up for the other bad review their clay could’ve been dried out because of their climate instead of blaming it on you what y’all don’t deserve you’re a great company! I’ve been trying to convince my mom to get slime from you I’ll definitely buy this one first!

Lana (United States)
Really tough to knead

To potential new buyers, disregard Jon R. He is choosing to misleading others by providing a FAKE REVIEW. Actions like these should not be allowed and lying is a sign of poor character. Hopefully there is a moderator that removes FALSE ADVERTISING.

I also experienced drying if the base slime. I believed it was going to be glossy but it was definitely another texture. And no, my “climate” is perfectly fine. Wish cornwithslime could change the recipe of the base slime for DIY slimes. They have changed it at least here and you can see it isn’t very heavy in her instagram video. She has to push the slime down when she tries to have it fall from her hand to the other one below. From there I had my reservations but still gave the slime a shot. Oh well. The scent is good and the cookies were really well made.

Anonymous (United States)
Great smell, immediately dry

I love fortune cookies so I wanted this slime so badly. Unfortunately, it became really dry within minutes of playing with it. I am afraid of ordering any DIY clay slimes from here again. At least this one, avoid. It makes your hands hurt. Not for beginners.

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