Fairy Forest

Fairy Forest

  • 16.99

♡Size: 8oz

♡Texture: bingsu slime

♡Scent: pink sugar

♡Add-Ins: 1 butterfly charm + 1 mushroom charm

♡Level: advanced

♡Description: Our Fairy Forest slime has a bingsu texture with a clear slime base that is crunchy, stretchy, and so fun to play with! It makes great ASMR sounds and bubble pops. Scented just like açaí berry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Rachel Biedronski (United States)
Very pretty

I love all the add ins to This slime. It’s so pretty. I love the snaps and it smells amazing.

Tori Niederer (United States)

This is my DREAM slime! The texture is so amazing! I like that the bingsu texture isn’t beads but like little tinsel pieces rolled up. Other slimes with beads feel really sharp but that is not the case with this one.

HW73 (United States)

I absolutely love the smell of the flame and I love the texture with all the little bead type things in it it's different than the other slimes that I've had and I really like it and my kids love it too.

A.L. (United States)
Fairy Forest

This has a sweet candy smell I love it and it feels so nice and it comes with this adorable butterfly and mushroom charm I love it

Susie Tappon (United States)
It’s slime-azing!!!

This slime is so much fun and we love to play with it. My daughter enjoys the crunch sound after she makes a swirl with it.