Duck Duck Poof

Duck Duck Poof

  • 15.49

♡Size: 8oz

♡Texture: clay slime (super inflating!)

♡Scent: blueberry

Add-Ins: duck charm

♡Description: Our Duck Duck Poof is a super inflating clay slime that is fluffy, plushy and super relaxing to play with! It can inflate up to 5x it’s size if you stretch it a lot! It is scented just like blue raspberry candy and comes with the adorable duck charm shown.

Customer Reviews

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Candice Lorette (United States)

Duck Duck Poof

Sasha (United States)

It's buttery smooth and it smells absolutely amazing. One of my favorite slimes so far.

Lauren Keryan (United States)
Smells so good!

Love the smooth stretchy texture and it smells soooooooo amazing!! My son loves it! One of our favorites!

Alexandra Weidman (United States)
one of the best slimes out there

this slime is absolutely amazing. from its smell to its amazing, fluffy, soft texture…I could play with it for hours on end. great job!

Zoe (United States)
My Favorite Slime!

I absolutely adore Duck Duck Poof. This slime is actually the reason I initially decided to try Cornwithslime, as the duck caught my eye (I adore ducks). I love this slime so much that I actually played with it do death and had to buy another 😄 I have since purchased many more slimes and have loved every single one. The scent of Duck Duck Poof is wonderful, the texture is so smooth and soft. Really can’t go wrong!