Duck Duck Poof

Duck Duck Poof

  • 14.49

♡Size: 8oz

♡Texture: clay slime (super inflating!)

♡Scent: blue raspberry 

Add-Ins: duck charm

♡Description: Our Duck Duck Poof is a super inflating clay slime that is fluffy, plushy and super relaxing to play with! It can inflate up to 5x it’s size if you stretch it a lot! It is scented just like blue raspberry candy and comes with the adorable duck charm shown.

Customer Reviews

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L.S. (United States)
very nice

very nice and stretchy

Madison Reg (United States)

I love it so much!! Not only does it smell amazing it’s also really fun to play with and has a great texture. But the little duck is my absolute favorite part

Denisse Velasquez (United States)
Amazing slime!

The smell is amazing and the slime is easy to inflate! The little duck charm is super adorable :)

Maria LeBron (United States)
Amazing texture and scent !!

A must have I love this slime I play with it everyday. It smells soo good I love the scent of blueberries and wow you get that with a hint of Raspberry it’s a sweet scant
This slime inflated
So well I wish I hag a bigger container of it lol! I was gonna review this but I couldn’t help but dig into it the day I got it . I also got the subscription box but I am a no less then 7 Oz slime and thats pushing it the subscription box wasnt wjat I was Expecting I kind of pumped myself up to have this amazing slime subscription box but it was exactly what the picture shows which I get subscription boxes all the time and normally you don’t see what’s in the subscription box and I felt more like I purchased three small slimes rather than I got a subscription box I would rather just purchase my own slimes then buy the subscription box that’s just my opinion the signs for amazing but it was very underwhelming that’s all

Byron Rea (United States)
Sooo poofy! 🙂

The slime has a lovely texture it's stretchy and squishy and smells amazing and inflated so so easily. I love it.