Cow Over The Moon

Cow Over The Moon

  • 15.99

♡Size: 8oz

♡Texture: cloud dough 

♡Scent: lavender vanilla

♡Add-Ins: moon fimos + twinkle star glitters + 1 cow charm 

♡Level: beginner 

♡Description: If you're looking for cow slime, then you're in for a treat with this pink cow slime! Our Cow Over The Moon brand of cloud slime has a cloud dough texture that is soft and stretchy. Also available as strawberry cow slime, it is a great product for beginners as it is non-sticky. The cloud dough slime charms add a great finishing touch. This cow cream slime is topped with moon fimos, twinkle star glitters, and a cow charm, and has a relaxing aroma of lavender vanilla. Once you've experienced our pink slime cow offering, you'll keep coming back for more - guaranteed!

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
A.W. (United States)

I bought this Slime for my daughter's birthday and it is amazing!! The texture and the smell are both great and I am loving that it isn't gooey or runny so it doesn't make a mess! We will definitely be ordering more from this company!

J.B. (United States)
Very relaxing, great texture

I personally really liked this smell. The vanilla rounds out the lavender smell beautifully. If you don't like lavender then don't buy it. The texture was fantastic. Great bedtime relaxation slime.

Isabella Bautista (United States)
It's ok

The texture was less pleasant than anticipated and the scent was a bit too overbearing.

FinallyIsaac (Canada)
A Favourite of Mine!

My partner and I bought this slime forever ago and I never got around to writing a review, but even after months it is still one of my favorite drives! It's soft, it rarely needs borax, and it smells so nice — it is absolutely the best for helping with anxiety! I really love this slime. Xoxo

Cello Pillsbury (United States)
Good soup

It’s my favorite slime- smells nice, good texture