Choc Chip Cookie Dough

Choc Chip Cookie Dough

  • 13.99

♡Texture: cloud creme

♡Scent: chocolate chip cookie dough

Add-Ins: brown foam chunks + brown clay chunks

♡Description: not only does this slime smell just like chocolate chip cookie dough, it feels as if you’re playing with the real thing too! It’s creamy & dense, just like cookie dough 

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Logan S. (United States)
5 stars!

The slime is wonderful - smells good (not too strong, very pleasant), amazing feel, fun beads/foam, and fast shipping. I definitely recommend!

Hi (United States)
Strong smell

Overall good. When I got it, it was kind of moist at the sides and it was sorta sticky. It quickly stopped being sticky and not as moist. Be warned about the smell, though. It smells nice but it is very strong and has a more coffee hint to it

Judy (United States)
Best slime I've ever bought!

I have purchase slime from several shops, big and small and this is by far the best slime. It is exactly what it looks like. Packaged great, shipped fast, large containers, reasonable prices. Not sticky at all! Smells amazing, if you're on the ropes, do it!

abby dwyer (United States)
of one of my favorites

has a really nice subtle scent that smells just like cookie dough. it's very soft

Trixy Fay (United States)
Awesome Cloud Slime!

This is one of the first cloud slimes I've tried, and I'm so impressed! The texture is amazing, and there's very minimal fallout. The scent is nice, and overall, I really like this slime. I could play with it all day!

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