Choc Chip Cookie Dough

Choc Chip Cookie Dough

  • 13.99

♡Texture: cloud creme

♡Scent: chocolate chip cookie dough

Add-Ins: brown foam chunks + brown clay chunks

♡Description: not only does this slime smell just like chocolate chip cookie dough, it feels as if you’re playing with the real thing too! It’s creamy & dense, just like cookie dough 

Customer Reviews

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Nutella gloss & choc chip cookie dough

Loved the Nutella slime, it has a great gloss to it. Just what I wanted. Loved the cookie dough one, it makes me want to eat it because I love ❤️ cookie dough. ( per my 8 old granddaughter)


This was my first cloud creme slime I have ever tried, and wow it was good! It smelled good and it looks exactly like choco chip cookie dough! If you are new to this shop, I would recommend getting this slime, and Nutella gloss! They are usually always in stock! I am so happy I finally tried this slime! 💓

Could be improved

I love the idea of a slime that smells looks and feels like cookie dough and I was excited to receive this one bc I have tried other slimes like this but none of them felt very good...The scent for this one does smell pretty close to cookie dough I must say, my only problem was that the slime itself left a bit of wet residue after playing with it for a bit, but other than that I enjoyed my purchase! (Side note: It wasn't the best cloud creme I've felt, it did feel slightly more dough-like but that might just be the batch I got)


I'm really blown out of my mind. This has to be the best cloud creme I've ever tried, and it made my birthday so special!!!!

Very good slime

This slime is has an amazing feel to it. Although I'm not too keen on the smell, it is super fun to play with. I love the chocolate chips in it, they give it even more amazing texture. I actually received this as part of a 3oz buy three slimes get a 3oz free and I honestly love it so much I might buy a bigger one! It is super fluffy and very stretchy and so much fun to play with!!!