Choc Chip Cookie Dough

Choc Chip Cookie Dough

  • 15.99

♡Texture: cloud creme

♡Scent: chocolate chip cookie dough

Add-Ins: brown foam chunks + brown clay chunks

♡Description: not only does this slime smell just like chocolate chip cookie dough, it feels as if you’re playing with the real thing too! It’s creamy & dense, just like cookie dough 

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (United States)

So fluffy and smells amazing

Dawn Pilster

My daughter loves the chocolate chip slime and we also got the Corgi butt slime and she loves them!!

Emily Rodriguez (United States)

Choc Chip Cookie Dough

meemmie (United States)
The Smell is...

I'm still giving this slime 5 stars cause it was one of my favorites out of the 4 I ordered, but the smell is very artificial and a bit to sweet for my liking. Other than that I LOVE the fluffy thick texture! It looks and almost feels exactly like real cookie dough! It's even a little wet and not sticky at all! The chocolate chunks are fun to squish, which I was not expecting them to be squishy, and the little pieces add a nice variety. After letting it sit for a week without play, its still the same texture as when I first got it! It's easy to see why its a best seller! ❤ Honestly, I would buy it again just to have a massive ball of it to play with.

Dakota Barron (United States)

Hands down this has to be my favorite slime so far! The smell is so yummy, and I love how it inflates the more you play with it. The squishy chocolate chips are just the cherry on top to make this slime great!