Bagel & Cream Cheese

Bagel & Cream Cheese

  • 16.99

This DIY Clay Slime set includes:

♡ 8oz buttery clay slime scented like cream cheese frosting

♡ DIY Clay bagel covered in fake seeds

♡ Extra free 6oz container


Our Bagel & Cream Cheese slime is a very unique DIY clay slime from any other in our shop. The base of the slime is a buttery clay texture that looks just like cream cheese! Plus, it smells like cream cheese frosting too which smells just like the real thing. Once you mix the clay bagel into the slime you will get a super fluffy and soft slime texture that inflates a ton, UP TO 32OZ! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Giuliana Gutierrez (United States)

great job!

Annikah Merhi (United States)

this slime smells amazing and it inflates so nicely! a really sweet scent and just over all phenomenal texture as usual! really love this one!

Jennifer (United States)
Love it

From the feel to the scent I love it all. It puffs up so much and is so soft. I love playing with it. Highly recommend her shop!

Morgan S (United States)
You have to have this!

I love diy slimes and this one exceeded all of my expectations!! The scent is spot on and not over powering. The texture is soft, plushy, spreadable, doughy just seriously addicting to play with! It inflated an insane amount as well which was awesome!!

Bess (United States)
A Must Buy!!!

As soon as you open the top, you can smell the yummy scent of cream cheese frosting! It’s mouth watering delicious, and the bagel is pure art! It’s an incredible slime, and I didn’t want to mix in the bagel because it’s so cool! It turned into a beautiful buttery slime that is really wonderful to add to my vastly growing collection of Cornwithslimes!

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