Astro Cafe

Astro Cafe

  • 18.99

♡Size: 8oz

♡Texture: clear thick & glossy slime

♡Scent: fresh brewed coffee

♡Add-Ins: 1oz purple milk slime + zodiac fimos + glitters

♡Level: advanced 

♡Description: Our Astro Cafe slime comes with an 8oz purple pigmented clear slime (unscented) and a 1oz purple milk slime (scented like fresh brewed coffee) that you get to drizzle on top to look like a latte. You will also receive a baggie of zodiac fimos to top it all off. 

Customer Reviews

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Miriam Gonzalez (United States)
Fun times

My soon to be 9 year old daughter is fascinated by all the slimes on this site. We got her 5 to start off with. She plays with them every free minute she has. I am sure we will be making several more purchases if the scents continue to come!

Anonymous (United States)
We love it!

First time buying slime from your store. We love it and will be making more purchases in the future.

Kristus Yera (United States)
One of my Favs

This one is one of my favorites! It’s so easy to play with and love the smell!

Rachelyn Smith (United States)
Love my slime

Amazing slime! I love all of them but I can afford so many, definitely buying from here again

Mary Layne Million (United States)
Very pretty!

The coffee scent scared me a bit when I saw it on the website but I loved the color so I went ahead and ordered and I honestly love the coffee scent its very light and mostly smells sweet and chocolatey instead of strong coffee bit still has a tiny hint of coffee kind of like a nice mocha! I haven't mixed the milk slime in yet because I love the gloss and glitter so much but the milk slime also has the nice mocha scent also the zodiac sprinkles are adorable!