Anxiety Ease - Aromatherapy

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This slime is made to help calm the tension of any anxiousness or stress in your life. It has been carefully blended with therapeutic grade essential oils that help clear your mind & calm your nerves. The slime itself is a lilac color with a super plushy texture that is super soothing to play with.

TOP NOTES: lavender, white musk

MIDDLE NOTES: ylang ylang

BASE NOTES: vanilla

 In screw top containers with adorable pink lids

All orders come with extras that include candy, borax & business card! Bigger orders get more fun extras like cornwithslime merch, clay, etc! 


Customer Reviews

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Sherry R. (United States)
Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Super glad I picked this one up! The Lavender is there but super in your face, and the vanilla doesn't over power the rest of the scents. It's super soft, stretchy, and soothing to play with in general. It doesn't feel like Any of my other slimes and in that manner stands out. I could sit on my couch and break this one out any time, day or night, rain or shine.

Kenyetta Lewis (United States)

I’m so glad I purchased this slime. I have Lupus and at times my health isn’t good and my anxiety goes sky high. This slime here really smells amazing and is relaxing to play with. I live by essential oils and I was so excited when I saw this

Layla Omerza (United States)
calms me down so easily!

the scent is so nice, it's so soft, so fluffy, totally works for easing anxiety! I'll be playing with this so much, and every time I get nervous! :)) also I love the color!

Alison Hinkle (United States)
Nice Slime

It smells awesome and the texture is very cool!

Cianna Acevedo (United States)

Anxiety Ease - Aromatherapy

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