Nutella Gloss

  • 15.49

*Best Seller* *Fan Favorite*

A super thick and glossy slime that resembles the delicious chocolate and hazelnut spread Nutella! And just like Nutella goes matte when spread on toast, this slime goes matte when stretched and then back to glossy!

Scented like Nutella

In screw-top containers with adorable pink lids

All orders come with extras that include candy, borax & business card! Bigger orders get more fun extras like cornwithslime merch, clay, etc! 

Customer Reviews

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Jade Luthy
My favorite slime!

Great scent and bubble pops - the current favorite of my collection !

Mk (United States)
Love it!

The texture? The smell? Absolutely fantastic. And I appreciate the borax, comes in handy since its summertime and it will probably arrive fairly sticky.

Vivi (United States)
I absolutely love it

Just like advertised. I absolutely love it it smells exactly like Nutella had a Nutella texture and color . It was super stretchy had the best clicks and was over all great. I was so tempted to eat it I put it on a plate hehe

Eriel Sexton (United States)

Nutella Gloss

Kirshell Taylor (United States)
Best Slime Ever

WE LOVE THIS SLIME🥰🥰 the scent and texture are amazing can’t wait to order more