Fruity Pebbles Pancakes

Fruity Pebbles Pancakes

  • 16.49

This DIY clay slime set includes:

♡thick & glossy slime scented like fruity pebbles + pancakes with fake fruity pebbles crumbs

♡3 stack of pancakes covered in fake fruity pebbles crumbs 

 In screw top containers with adorable pink lids

All orders come with extras that include candy, borax & business card! Bigger orders get more fun extras like cornwithslime merch, clay, etc! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Meg P (United States)
Obsessed probably isn’t the right word…but IDk what else to put

I had gotten a bunch of slimes for my youngest son, whose autistic, and my oldest son, who has sensory issues…and maybe possibly for me…who could get lost for hours watching slime videos on loop. I’ve gotten them from a few different companies, all of which are great, but I am OBSESSED with every single one I’ve gotten from you. (And holy crap, they get here so fast. It’s amazing). I think after I got my first box of them, I ordered another box of slimes and then ordered ANOTHER box and I think even have ordered another one. All in like a span of a month. My oldest thinks they are the funnest things ever to play with and has ZERO issues letting it get sticky on his hands when he lets it just sit there, and thinks its amazing when he kneads it and it all comes off. I could probably say a bunch more words about every single product I’ve gotten from you, but…I’ve got boxes and boxes of slimes to play with ;) love them all! Can’t say it enough. (And the scent for this one….is AMAZINGGGGGGG)

Franklin Doyle (United States)

Amazing best slime ever

Karrie Gray (United States)
Lovely scent nice texture

When I received my slime I ordered 2 one for me and one for my neighbor who loves slime. We opened our slime and placed the pancake stack on top. Let me say it was amazing. From the scent of buttermilk pancakes and fruity pebbles to the presentation. The texture was not as thick as I would have liked but it was still a lovely table top play slime. I’ve had my slime for quite awhile and I still play with it. When it deflates and gets a little thin I just add borax solution and it becomes pretty much perfect inflating like it did the first day. So don’t get discouraged just add a little borax solution and start inflating your slime.

Carmen (United States)
So good!

Shipping was super fast and my slime was so good! it came looking just like the picture! it smelt so good and the texture was so great. i will definitely be buying from this shop again! such a good experience

Jennifer Garcia (United States)

My daughter loves her slime it was perfect and just how she wanted it 😊❤️

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