Cotton Candy Ice Cream

  • 15.99

♡Size: 8oz

♡Texture: cloud dough

Scent: cotton candy + ice cream

Add-Ins: pink & purple sprinkles + fake cherry charm

Description: Our Cotton Candy Ice Cream slime is a cloud dough texture that comes layered half pink & blye and turns a beautiful lavender when mixed! Topped off with pink & purple sprinkles and a fake cherry. 

Customer Reviews

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J.I (United States)
Great slime

Slime is not just for kids, Iam in my mid 40’s and I have some corn with slime, so relaxing to just play with it lol, love it

First time Slime buyer, and I’m now Obsessed

I always saw the facebook videos, but i told myself i wouldn’t go into the trend of Slime, how could it worth anything and it would just be a mess. I finally caved and thought i’d try one, the texture just looked so pleasing. This was a mistake, because after 1 week of playing with this slime i now have four more on their way to my house. It is such a pleasing smell, the pleasant stretch, it’s not sticky and it just lets me mindlessly move my hands when watching videos. I find myself often sitting just, yearning to squish the slime between my fingers. The absolute best part is that as someone who came in knowing absolutely nothing about slime or how to handle it, the seller provide their card with links to videos explaining slime and how to care for it. This was just such a nice touch I couldn’t recommend them enough.

Renee (United States)
Great for little hands

This slime is great for my 3 year old ( and me!) it’s not nearly as sticky as store bought slime which makes clean up a breeze. It also smells amazing!

Katie F.
Love 💕

Love this smell and the feeling of this slime!

Amparo Mirla (United States)

The jar with the slime came broken. The slime was dry and unable to be used because of the broken container. It’s difficult to contact someone.