Stitch’s Coconut Pancakes

Stitch’s Coconut Pancakes

  • 18.99

 This DIY Clay Slime Set includes:

♡ 8oz blue thick & glossy slime scented like coconut pancakes

♡ DIY clay 3 stack of light blue pancakes covered in fake coconut shreds and blue sprinkles

♡ 1 stitch charm

♡ Level:

Our Stitch’s Coconut Pancakes DIY clay slime set, with stitch slime charms, comes with everything listed for you to assemble and mix on your own, including: 8oz blue thick & glossy blue stitch slime scented like coconut pancakes, DIY clay 3 stack of light blue stitch fluffy slime pancakes covered in fake coconut shreds and blue sprinkles, and 1 stitch charm.

It's hard to tell this stitch toy slime from the real deal! You'll have hours of fun with this stitch butter slime. The base is thick & glossy that is stretchy and clicky. Once you mix the diy clay into the stitch slime you will get a clay slime texture that is soft, stretchy, and fluffy.

Customer Reviews

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Lovey cat (United States)
When will it be on sell

Hello I’m lovey cat I would like to ask if it will go on sell on Christmas or spring. It’s ok if it will take time I’m just asking for how long you think it will take to make the slime? Thank you

Anonymous (United States)

Can I have free pls it almost Christmas

Frances Chau (United States)

Stitch’s Coconut Pancakes

Mo (United States)
My favorite!

The texture of this slime is soooo good, and really relaxing to play with when I’m just watching tv or a movie. It’s not sticky or too gooey, so I don’t have to worry about accidentally getting it on anything if I’m not constantly moving my hands. And the scents is delicious! The only small downside is that my hands are a little bit blue after each use. But it comes off super easily with soap and water, so it’s not big deal.

Krisstel (United States)

Can I have one for freee I love your slimes especially the stitch one my moms birthday is on January 17 and I wanna suprise her bc she is a stitch fan so yeah can I have one for free