Stitch’s Coconut Pancakes

Stitch’s Coconut Pancakes

  • 18.99

 This DIY Clay Slime Set includes:

♡ 8oz blue thick & glossy slime scented like coconut pancakes

♡ DIY clay 3 stack of light blue pancakes covered in fake coconut shreds and blue sprinkles

♡ 1 stitch charm

♡ Level: intermediate

Our Stitch’s Coconut Pancakes DIY clay slime set, with stitch slime charms, comes with everything listed for you to assemble and mix on your own, including: 8oz blue thick & glossy blue stitch slime scented like coconut pancakes, DIY clay 3 stack of light blue stitch fluffy slime pancakes covered in fake coconut shreds and blue sprinkles, and 1 stitch charm.

It's hard to tell this stitch toy slime from the real deal! You'll have hours of fun with this stitch butter slime. The base is thick & glossy that is stretchy and clicky. Once you mix the diy clay into the stitch slime you will get a clay slime texture that is soft, stretchy, and fluffy.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Sodders (United States)

Love the cold/ wet texture and pretty blue color! It’s slimy squishy fun! And the Stitch charm is cute! Love the sweet scent too!

Xochilt Villalba (United States)
I love it

Me and my sister and my friends are always using it.It’s so fun and it’s addicting to play with.Also I have anxiety
So when I have a panic attack I play with it and it help me a lot.It was expensive but worth the price.

Hailey (United States)
I lovedddd this

I got this slime super fast! Faster then a lot of my other slimes usually it takes about a week but it was only 3ish days! Im not sure what coconut pancakes smell like, but THE SMELL IS AMAZING i love it!! I loved the glossy texture but when i mixed the clay it become so much better! But one problem that isnt a big problem, it kinda dyes ur hands blue after a little and if u play for it to long without washing the blue out it stains ur hand for a day or two, also you do need a ziplock or an extra container because the clay adds more slime, but over i loved this slime 10/10 recommend! 😁

Tabitha (United States)

Bought our first purchase for our daughter!6 slimes and she loves them all!!! They smell amazing and are very neat!! Thank you

Anonymous (United States)
Amazing slime

My 10 year old loved it for her birthday it had an amazing texture and blended so well. Not a disappointment.