Strawberry Shortcake Bar

Strawberry Shortcake Bar

  • 15.99

♡Texture: white glue floam

♡Scent: strawberry shortcake bar

Add-Ins: ice cream bar fimos

♡Description: this is a super crunchy floam slime that creates amazing bubble pops the more you inflate it! It’s a mix of pink & white foam beads to resemble those good humor strawberry shortcake bars, it even smells just like it too!

Customer Reviews

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Tunc Berkman (Turkey)
I didn’t receive my order yet

Still waiting

Rita Perkins (United States)
Love it!!!

So great. enjoyed the texture very much and so did my daughter. So much so that she stole it from me :(

Emily (United States)
Best Slime

My favorite slime. It smells amazing (very very strawberry), is fun to play with, and just all around a lovely experience. The sounds with the foam balls are great. It arrived a bit too sticky, but the activator made it easy to play with.

Anonymous (United States)
My life has changed for the better

First slime I've bought from a slime store. Oh my god. Oh my god. The quality of my life has increased drastically.

Its so fluffy and soft and yet so stretchy. The pops are incredible. It smells amazing and its thick and crunchy. If you let it sit, the floam beads rise to the top and you can relive the sensation of opening it for the first time again. The lovely, exquisite feeling of pushing down on that crunchy layer. A audible wonder and amazing sensation. Buy it. I don't care who you are. Its amazing.

Also shipping was fast.

Stephany Bussell (United States)
Smells amazing!

Very satisfying to play with and smells amazing!!! Just like the ice cream!