Nerds Floam

Nerds Floam

  • 15.99

♡Size: 8oz

♡Texture: floam slime

♡Scent: fruit punch  + blue raspberry 

Add-Ins: nerds candy charm 

♡Description: Our Nerds Floam slime is a super crunchy thick & glossy base slime packed with pink and blue foam beads! It smells just like fruit punch and blue raspberry, which to us smells just like nerds candy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Iman Chatila (United States)
great scent and texture

could use a little more slime and a little less beads, there was some fallout but overall I love it. I picked out like 20% of the beads now there's much less fallout when i play with it.

Hunter Cook

Really sticky now

Ari C (United States)
Foamy Fun

Love the smell, the slime itself likes to get real sticky so you gota keep adding the borax but other than that its very satisfying. Sometimes the foam balls do fall out of the slime though which can be annoying.

Jaha (United States)
I love floam slime now

I was kind of meh to the idea since I played with floam as a kid but this is such an improvement, so fun and makes such good pops. The smell is great, though a little faint, and the only thing that stresses my out when playing with it is that the floam ball can come flying out, gone forever. It almost seems like there should be more slime vs floam balls, but this ratio fits in the container so I’m sure it’s the best way to go. The charm is cute but too big to leave in the slime, so it’s a bit of a waste. Overall great, makes me want more floam as well as just a thick and gloss.

H.G. (United States)
LOVE this texture

This is by far my FAVORITE slimes, the blue foam balls pop out if you stretch it too far but it's kind of fun to pick them all out and put them back in when I'm done