Beach Date

Beach Date

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♡Size: 8oz

Slimes come in “6oz containers” but are filled to the brim, which fill 8oz of slime.

♡Texture: blue clear slime gravel rocks

♡Scent: notes of citrus, jasmine & cedarwood

♡Add-Ins: beach charm + bouquet charm + sprinkle mix

♡Level: advanced

♡Description: Our Beach Date slime has a clear slime with gravel rocks texture that is thick, clicky, makes great bubble pops, and is crunchy with the rocks. Scented like citrus, jasmine and cedarwood. Giving you a perfect scent of fresh beach air. All add-ins come separately in a baggie for you to add yourself.

Disclaimer: Rocks can get stuck to the bottom of the container, please use caution when removing from the bottom.


Cornwithslime wristband, mochi squishy, or jumbo sized candy

(gifts can vary from any of the above)

A slime care kit with borax and slime care instructions is included in all orders.

Note: Slimes do not arrive overfilled as shown as we enhance them for photos for showcase purposes. Actual product colors may differ due to screen display configurations and lighting. All slimes sold contain diluted borax. Slimes are reactive to surrounding environment and temperatures which may cause stickiness or stiffness - upon delivery, please follow instructions on the Slime Care card very carefully to ensure optimal product quality. Please note that the seller is not responsible for any product damage caused by buyer's misuse.

Please read our FAQ carefully before completing your purchase. By purchasing this product, the buyer agrees to the store's policy and confirms that they have read, understand, and agree to the terms, conditions, and policies of the store.

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (United States)

Amazing! The scent kinda reminds me of Febreeze but I LOVE THE SCENT it makes such good asmr but it does inflate a lot but I love that

Rachel G (United States)
Beach date

This slime is so satisfying to play with. I absolutely love the smell and the texture the rocks add!

Reviewer avatar
bella (United States)

Srry for the late review. But anyways, the beach date slime was good! I don’t like the scent so much. I do like the texture. It was so hard to get it out from the container, but that’s ok ig. This slime is 7/10. I also got the sucker for u slime, but since it’s not in store anymore, I’m going to do a review abt it here! The slime was absolutely satisfying! Smells great! Great bubble pop sounds for ASMR ofc! I give this slime 10/10. Oh, and tysm for the free slime. But I didn’t like the scent at all. My most hated scent from CWS is the cinnamon scent. Smells so strong that makes me throw up 🤮🙁. I do like the texture and satisfying bubble pops. I want to play with that slime so bad but the scent smells so strong. I don’t like the scent at all. But still, tysm for the free slime CWS. Just don’t sent me any cinnamon scents if u r planning to give me another free 6oz slime pretty plz. 5/10