Anxiety Ease - Aromatherapy

  • 15.99

Looking for a slime antistress ball that also blends aromatherapy into the mix? This slime anti stress product is made to help calm the tension of any anxiousness or stress in your life. Its antistress slime properties come from stress relief slime that's carefully blended with therapeutic grade essential oils. This form of slime aromatherapy helps clear your mind & calm your nerves. The mental health slime itself is a lilac color with a super plushy texture that is super soothing to play with.

TOP NOTES: lavender, white musk

MIDDLE NOTES: ylang ylang

BASE NOTES: vanilla

In screw top containers with adorable pink lids

All our slime antistress orders come with extras that include candy, borax & business card! Bigger orders get more fun extras like cornwithslime merch, clay, etc.!  

Customer Reviews

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M.S. (United States)
Anxiety ease slime review 🛍

Hi! This slime is actually my mom’s but she lets me feel it sometimes, and it’s beyond crunchy and quiet moist! 😄 The smell is very relaxing 😌 and refreshing ☀️10/10! Watch this video! 👇🏽

Yu Takado (United States)

Anxiety Ease - Aromatherapy

Bethany Gimbel (United States)

I love the texture!

Stephany Bussell (United States)
Super relaxing smell

Smells great and has a nice feel and pull to it. I keep at my desk for when work gets too rough!

Ari C (United States)
What a relief

Love this slime, will buy again. Unfortunately, it got stiff and snappy after only a week and a half. It seems to compacted to into what appears to be less slime.