Simpson’s Donut

  • 18.99

This DIY clay slime set includes:

♡ 8oz thick & glossy slime scented like a glazed donut

♡ DIY clay donut (like shown)

♡ Baggie of fake rainbow sprinkles (like shown)


Your DIY clay slime set will come with everything you need to assemble your own Simpson’s Donut to squish into your slime! Use some of your base slime to add as frosting for your donut, and then decorate with the rainbow sprinkles! Once you mix your clay donut into the slime you will get a chewy and inflating clay texture slime!

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Shannon Salsberry (United States)

Simpson’s Donut

Rachel Nicole (United States)

I absolutely love this slime. It’s stretchy, smells amazing. I loved putting the doughnut together and squishing it in, and mixing it together. I love how thick and glossy it is. I could play with this slime for hours.

Cori (United States)
Smells delicious!

It has a thick glossy texture, and it smells delicious! The clay is super fun to squish and mix-in. Only issue is there's too much slime to fit the container afterwards, so it squishes out the sides when you put the lid on, so an extra container for this one would be helpful. Definitely would recommend this slime to anyone who loves the Simpsons and glossy textured slimes!

Nikki (United States)
The best!

I got this slime specifically to use the donut as a prop, and it’s turned out to be my absolute favorite! The smell is absolutely AMAZING, and the thick, glossy texture is the best. I love it so much, it’s brought me endless joy.

Marcia Manning-Ruiz (United States)
So squishy & smelled like heaven!

The Simpsons donut was super fun to make & came out looking exactly as I imagined a real life Simpsons donut would look. It’s smooth, creamy, & has great bubble pops! I’ve had it for weeks & it’s just as great today as the day it arrived. I’m fact, I just placed another order for a different slime because it’s such a great stress reducer!!!