RIP Stress

RIP Stress

  • 15.99

♡Size: 8oz

♡Texture: Butter Snow (new texture!)

♡Scent: stress relief aromatherapy blend (basil, sage, mint, and orange)

♡Add-Ins: leaf charm + leaf fimos + coffin fimos

♡Level: beginner 


Our RIP Stress slime has our brand new texture called a “Butter Snow” it’s a clay heavy slime with instant snow added that gives it a creamy touch that makes it very spreadable. This texture is soft, stretchy, and gets very sizzly the more you play with it. It’s great for beginners as it’s non-sticky as well. This is a great stress relieving slime because the texture is very holdable meaning it doesn’t get sticky and it’s easy to squish. It has an aromatherapy blend with stress relieving scents like basil, sage, mint, and orange that are delightful to smell all together. This slime is great for anyone that deals with stressful situations from time-to-time and the perfect addition for those relaxing times of winding down. 


100g of clay, Cornwithslime wristband, Cornwithslime tattoo, squishy, or jumbo sized candy

(gifts can vary from any of the above)

A slime care kit with borax and slime care instructions is included in all orders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Hailee Dances (United States)
So good

Great consistency, not sticky, lovely color, pleasant smell. My favorite out of the 4 slimes I purchased.

vanillaregina (Mexico)
Nice and soft to play with

At first I thought the scent was a bit artificial and similar to cleaning products (which I really don't mind, but I appreciate more natural and fine scents) But as I played with it I got more hints of citrus and it kind of lost the quemical smell that had in the beginning. So I liked even more as a played with it. I do think it's relaxing and has a really nice and soft texture.

Mickey Tejeda
So Peaceful

Love this slime, will definitely be buying more at a later note. Smells amazing, just a little like soap, but very relaxing to play with. I never knew inner peace like this! I could instantly feel my stress melt away while I’m working with it. Keeps its form really well too!

My only complaint is it seems to be shrinking overtime the more I play with it, might be drying out cause I live in a desert. Wish it came with more charms.

Z.C. (United States)

This, along with Dreamy Night, is the first slime I've ever bought. I love it. I wasn't sure about the sent, because I'm not generally a big fan of artificial sents, but I really like this one. The texture is wonderful and I loved the little charms. This is probably my favorite slime I've ever played with. Thank You!

Olivia Ponticello (United States)
Amazing stress reliever

Awesome slime and such a stress reliever! I definitely would recommend this to anyone with stress or anxiety. It was such a help and was so fun to play with. The scent was also very calming. Overall 10/10 slime